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Old school photos | Seth’s blog

Two centuries ago, shoe makers in England were called Snowbus. (It’s like poems with a cobbler).

Good people share care with quality. He tried to make a shoe that exceeded expectations, and bowed to the possibility of his skill. Others were easily hexed, trying to get by with little effort.

In an ironic and cruel twist, the term “snooze” was derived from the same skilled craftsmen and was used to describe someone who lowers the eyes of others, especially those with less resources. A hardworking cobbler was looked down upon because he did not have a silver spoon. It was also used to describe a person who gave people with maximum money or caste money the permanent benefit of the suspicion that they might not deserve it.

And for a century, the term has been extended beyond cultural economics to define a person who is a defender of status and status. For example, the washing of wine insisted on an expensive old thing, preferably from some part of Europe.

The circle comes around, as it often does. The best kind of matte for this original cobbler and his customers, someone who can look at past offerings or look at the traditional style and look for care and quality instead. No matter where you come from. Being a cobbler is not enough. You have to be caring.

Effort and good judgment decisions lead to good taste and cultural leadership.

We should not settle.

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