Of course Spotify is testing a TikTok-esque vertical video feed.

Wouldn’t want to give it up, that’s for sure.

Since TikTok gained popularity, other apps have been reluctant to take any kind of short video content that they can get their hands on so that it can be moved to a vertical video feed so you can watch it. Could be paired with luggage. Instagram has its rails, YouTube pedal shorts, and even Netflix gives us fast laughs. Not to be outdone, Spotify arrives at the party late with its new Discover tab.

Spotify users have been screaming for vertical scrolling music videos for decades, so we don’t know why the Swedish company took so long. However, it is here now, at least for a select number of users as part of a limited test. We learned about it. Of Chris Messina Spotify Feature Mega Thread on Twitter – Take a look below to see it in action.

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Discover appears on the bottom bar as a fourth tab, located between Home and Search, and its content appears to be an extension of the canvas video format that has been made available to artists for some time. You can swipe up and down to go between video recommendations, and there’s a Like button and menu with additional options on the card with artist, song names and album art.

This is hardly the most original feature, but it’s easy to see how users looking for something new to listen to can get hook scrolling through new tracks and their videos. The memory of vertical scrolling muscles is strong with all of us, so it is now basically another type.

According to comments shared with TechCrunch, Messina got this new feature in the construction of TestFlight on iOS, but there is no doubt that it could be made public on Android in the future. Spotify declined to comment on the test feature, but it is of course equivalent.

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