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“Obviously I’m related to your letter.”

During the last night of the sound Season 21 of the knockout rounds on Monday, band legend singer and single mother Shadelle belted out Shontel’s “Impossible,” explaining her association with the song Triumph of Soul. “There was a point in my life where my dreams seemed impossible. Growing up, it was an unsettling feeling to see my parents struggling. We were always on the move. Eventually, we were homeless. At that time, music was my safety cover. This song is about being In a situation you thought you’d never be in. When I sing this song, I think of that little girl and all the times I wanted to give up and chose not to.”

Once Shadel stepped onto the stage, she let all that passion and pain pass, so much so that her proud coach, John Legend, compared her to Mary J. Blige. “[Mary] She really does talk to the audience and talks about her struggles she’s been through, and feels like her emotions come through in everything she does. And I think that’s how we feel today. I think, out loud, you gave your best performance. And the thing that made him break through was the emotion,” John told Shadel.

Kelly Clarkson reacts to Shadale's kinetic knockout round performance on The Voice.  & # 39;  (Images: NBC)
Kelly Clarkson reacts to Shadale’s Knockout Rounds kinetic performance on “The Voice.” (Images: NBC)

But the coach who really penetrated Shadal was fellow single mom Kelly Clarkson, who also had a rough childhood. Kelly said through tears that she was “shaken” by Shadel’s performance. “It’s so important in a knockout that you show us who you are and what you feel, and in the end, I was like, ‘”what or what“?” Kelly gasped, dabbing her misty eyes with a handkerchief. “It’s really hard to tap into your feelings and still be able to carry the song, and I know in the end you got very emotional. It was a perfect song choice, and I obviously relate to your message.”

Shadyal herself seemed to be on the verge of breaking down as she shared this intimate moment with Kelly, clasping her hand over her mouth, but she held it together and held out as she took the coaches’ praise.

& # 39;  sound & # 39;  Contestant Shadel reacts to Kelly Clarkson's emotional criticism.  (Photo: NBC)
‘The Voice’ contestant Shadel reacts to Kelly Clarkson’s emotional criticism. (Photo: NBC)

Shadyal’s knockout opponent, showrunner Samara Brown, did a solid, albeit superficial, job with Tina Turner’s “The Best,” but the dry-eyed Kelly said she “missed the mischief and sweat” that Tina is known for, and the title of the song proved to be Not prophetic. John’s decision was clear, and he chose Shadyal, who was, well, simply the best. “Shady made every coach feel everything she was talking about. She won this knockout with her association with the song, and I’m very curious to see how she taps into that in the next rounds,” he said streaming.

While Shadale’s victory wasn’t shocking, literally every other knockout result in Monday’s episode I was a surprise. These were the other curveball-packed performances in the final knockout rounds of Season 21:

TEAM BLAKE: Carson Peters vs. Lana Scott

Lana’s cover of Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams” was beautiful and whimsical, and it was Lana’s “more Lana” performance of the season, according to Lana herself. Ariana Grande liked her “great country pop voice”. John praised the “insightful quality” of this “songbird”; Kelly compared Lana to Pam Tillis, saying her voice was “totally cut”. But still, I thought a black horse like Lana would be beaten up by the lovable four-seater Carter, a professional bluegrass player who first played for the Grand Ole Opry at the age of seven and is a friend of Ricky Skaggs. I definitely thought Blake Shelton would be in heaven listening to Carter’s choice song, “Amarillo by Morning” by George Strait, which Blake said “shows you how deep his roots are in country music.”

But while Carter brought something unique to the table with his music (this was the first time he played his violin on the sound), multitasking may have hurt his songs. (“There were only moments when the notes needed a little more breathing support,” John noted, while Kelly thought Carter staying so much on his top record was “a little weird.”) Perhaps the song choice was just that. very The holy land. (Kelly said covering the strait was a “big deal,” and Blake admitted it was a “difficult job.”)

Lana definitely showed more heart and soul, and no one was more surprised by this than Blake, who admitted to her, “So far, I’ve kind of flew under the radar on the show.” But he made his decision “based on what happened now,” and while it was “heartbreaking” for him, he chose Lana. He even said he thinks Lana has a much clearer path to the finish than any other singer in season 21! This ruling was just the first of Monday’s surprises.

Winner: Lana Scott

TEAM ARIANA: Bella Dianapoli vs Katherine Ann Muehler

Bella’s cover of Sia’s Chandelier, inspired by a dark and hopeless period in her life when she gave up music after her girl group meltdown, was misfit, but I was disappointed. The strength inside was lacking – Giant mentor Ed Sheeran’s advice to be more “explosive” at the start of the course went unheeded – and then when I did I tried to do it in the end, it went off the rails a bit. However, Bella did achieve a few “wow” moments. sia hey Not Easy to sing.

However, Catherine has been a revelation to her dad’s favorite song, “Poison” – Yes, the Bell Biv DeVoe Pop Band – for their intimidating style of alternative pop music. this was old Song Flip, which Catherine herself admitted was “definitely risky.” You made it “so dark, so weird”, like something from american horror story The soundtrack was sung by Amy Lee, and it was one of the most exciting and daring songs Sound Performances in ages. I assumed the risk would pay off, even if John wasn’t sure (he wasn’t happy with the arrangement, but praised Catherine’s boldness). Cover queen Kelly was certainly amazed, calling the move a “fantastic artistic move” and telling Catherine, “It just made it more cinematic.”

I feel Ariana should have rewarded Katherine for courage and creativity, but in yet another shocker, she went with a safer proof: fellow Italian singer Bella. Blake was the only coach left on Steal, but of course he didn’t use it with Katherine, because he didn’t know the original “Poison” – and so was No Just an idea of ​​how much Catherine twisted the song to make it her own.

winner: Beautiful di Napoli

Team Kelly: Jeremy Rosado vs Xavier Cornell

Jeremy, an ex American Idol Racer, pull a page out of the old school Idol playbook by performing a gender inverted take on Whitney Houston’s powerful song, “Run to You”. Jeremy joked that receiving such a difficult song by one of the greatest singers of all time was “either a great decision or a bad decision,” Ariana said it was “the highest demand,” but Ed said it was a “blow of genius.” It was an almost flawless performance technically, and like Kelly, I appreciate Jeremy’s “male perspective.” But overall, it was an old-fashioned performance.

On the contrary, 17-year-old Xavier’s cover of “Falling Slowly” from Once He wasn’t perfect, but he had a lot of heart and energy, making effective use of his theatrical child roots and his singer-songwriter style. My only complaint is that he said this was his first guitar song, but he did not do Playing guitar tonight, oddly enough. But he had what Blake called “a fierce factor that’s so fun to listen to” and “a really cool tune that would pop on the radio,” and even without his guitar, he seemed emotionally attached throughout. This performance really resonated with me.

But Kelly, noting that she liked the way Jeremy can sing in any genre (one of his previous performances was the Rascal Flatts song), made her decision based on the overall “scope” — and she chose Jeremy. Once again, I was disappointed and surprised. If she had based her decision on this week’s performances only, I have no doubt that Xavier would have won.

Winner: Jeremy Rosado

Tim Blake: Pede Chaves vs Bert Heinz

This knockout wasn’t fully featured, and I could see why. Perrett’s cover of All-4-One’s “And I Swear” was woody and awkward (what a weird choice of song for this pop rock singer-songwriter), and teenage Elvis impersonator Peedy was still teased by his ’70s Vegas costume show Pelvic impulse Ed Sullivan-Meets-show gong Moves in “Unchain My Heart”. Well, at least Bide was confident and sold the song and seemed to be trying (albeit trying very hard), so I understand why he’s coming forward. But perhaps his biggest shocker came that night when Blake announced that Bede was his “bold prediction of the end”. seriously?

Winner: Pedi Chaves

Ariana Team: Jim and Sasha Allen vs. Manny Keith

Edward Sharp’s “House” by Jim and Sasha and Magnetic Zeros was a great choice for a father/son duo, and their performance was warm and inviting. Kelly described their chemistry on stage as “a magical thing” and said, “We hope it inspires families to be more cohesive.” And Blake, of course, not knowing the song, told them that “Home” sounded like “something you guys would have written.”

But Mane was a revelation here. Doing “golden” by Harry Styles in a royal purple suit that Harry himself (or even Prince) coveted, he showed off his “best stage presence of the season” according to Ed, even dropping to his knees heavily at the end of the issue. He did everything in his power, as if singing on the night of the live qualifier instant save results, and his dynamic performance instantly erased all of Alans’ vivid “home” memories from my short-term memory. “You put so much of your body into the performance, and I felt so excited,” John said excitedly.

And then… Ariana chose Jim and Sasha. Like I said, there were a lot of head scratches tonight.

Winner: Jim and Sasha Allen

Team legend: Paris Winningham vs Gersica

I was baffled all evening because Blake wasn’t using his steal on any of the aforementioned worthy contestants, but I suppose he knew that a level knockout, the last of the season, was fast approaching. Jershika’s cover of “Inseparable” by Natalie Cole was a refined and classic performance that exudes joy. (She took John’s direction well when he advised her to be a little less calculated and just let the song flow.) But Paris’ “Tennessee Whiskey” was a lot more passionate and emotional, and it’s a real tour that takes us to church. Ed’s advice to strip that song back and “make Paris sound a star” was in and of itself enough for Ed to earn his NBC paycheck. All the coaches were dumbfounded by the fiery result.

“They are both magical, and I’m so angry that I don’t have any stealing!” Kelly said of these two contestants. Ariana also said that her “Next Level” performance has left her “emotionally drained” (in a good way). And Then… chose John Gershika. Again, this was not my expectation or choice. But of course, Blake was ready to pounce and save the situation – and save Paris. “He sang the country song for God’s sake!” Mocked.

Winner: Gerchika / Stolen: Paris Winningham moves to Blake’s team

While Monday was filled with baffling judgments, four Season 21 contestants – including Samara Brown – will get another chance to compete in the live playoffs next week, via a public vote on Twitter. And again, this is surprising. Both coaches chose a singer who was left out for a wild spot, and interestingly enough, Kelly and Ariana chose artists who lost their fighting tours several weeks ago. Along with Samara repping Team Legend, the other second nominees are Team Blake’s teen soccer girl Hailey Green, singing team Ariana nurse Von Mogul, and team spirit dynamo Kelly Aaron Hines. I’m going with Aaron here, followed by Hailey, but we’ll have to wait until next Monday to see who gets into the top 20. see you later.

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