Oath Keeper plays Judas in ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ accused in US Capitol riots

James Beeks, 49, has been charged with obstructing Congress and illegally entering the Capitol area.

This is the latest charge coming from cooperation agreements hit with members of the Oath Keepers who have already pleaded guilty.

According to an Oath Keeper identified in court records as “Defendant 4” cooperating with the investigation, Beeks approached the group of Oath Keepers when they went to the Capitol and said he was a member. Prosecutors later discovered that Beeks had paid dues to the Oath Keepers organization two weeks before the attack.

Beeks wore a helmet and body camera, Defendant 4 said, and wore a homemade shield that he claimed was bulletproof.

Unlike other Oath Keepers who came to the Capitol dressed in armor, Beeks was photographed wearing a Michael Jackson BAD world tour jacket. Beeks regularly acts as a Michael Jackson impersonator, FBI agents noted in a court document. His YouTube page describes him as “one of the best Michael Jackson Tribute artists in the United States.”

When Beeks first entered the building, Beeks worked with a group of Oath Keepers who were trying to break into a row of police officers who once guarded the Senate, according to court documents.

Federal investigators watched Beeks – who goes by the stage name “James T. Justis” – at two traveling performances of the show in California this month to confirm his identity before his arrest Tuesday. They also matched photographs of Beeks’ ear at the Capitol to a song video he posted on YouTube.

The next production of Jesus Christ Superstar began Tuesday, the day of Beeks’ arrest. He is no longer listed as part of the cast.

Beeks is suspended indefinitely, DJ Martin, marketing and communications director for the national tour, told Jesus Christ Superstar.

“The touring production of Jesus Christ Superstar confirmed that James Beeks (aka James T. Justis) has been suspended indefinitely from the company pending the outcome of the hearing,” Martin said in a statement. “Production is fully cooperating with the authorities during the ongoing investigation.”

This story has been updated with further details.


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