NYT Wirecutter employees announce strike during Cyber ​​Monday

Wirecutter employees announced in the New York Times that they will be striking from Black Friday through Cyber ​​Monday to protest contract negotiations.

The four-day period is one of the busiest periods of the year for the product review site owned by The New York Times.

The 65 union employees want a 2.5 percent pay increase each year and a higher minimum salary, while the New York Times offered wages only on merit and guaranteed a 1 percent pay increase each year, said Nick Jay, Head of Wirecutter Union The Wall Street Journal.

“The past two years of bargaining have only enhanced the value of our unit. Wirecutter contributes significantly to the hearty profits of The Times, and that number is growing as we reach a much larger audience and increase our revenue through subscriptions,” Jay said.

The federation is also encouraging consumers to boycott the website on Monday online to support their efforts.

In a statement to The Hill, The New York Times said it “A long history of fruitful relationships with unions to advance our common goals.”

“We are actively working with the Wirecutter Consortium to come up with a collective bargaining agreement that will continue to reward our employees for their work and contributions to the success of The Times, and we look forward to continuing those negotiations at the bargaining table in early December,” said Danielle Rhoades-Ha, Vice President of Communications at The Times.

The New York Times reported that $93 million of adjusted operating profit on revenue of $499 million in the second quarter of 2021.

Wirecutter Union created a GoFundMe with the goal of raising $25,000 to make up for lost wages with the strike. Jay said he had raised more than $35,000 as of Thursday morning.


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