NYC investigator criticizes Bill de Blasio’s use of safety details

The city’s chief investigator criticized Mayor Bill de Blasio on Friday for using taxpayer-funded security details For his own ‘interest’—Noting that Hizzoner frequently squandered city resources and didn’t notice any specific supposed bugs in a comprehensive investigation When I realize it.

A scathing report from the Department of Investigation revealed Thursday that the mayor’s security team at the New York Police Department was used for “political purposes” during his failed presidential campaign, and to carry out “missions” for him, including helping his daughter move and take his son to school and work. .

Margaret Garnett, DOI Commissioner said Thursday NY1 p.m.

She added that “if a child is lowered once,” it wouldn’t amount to controversy, but that’s not what happened with de Blasio’s publicly funded security detail in recent years.

Mayor Bill de Blasio allegedly used his security team to drive his son and daughter.

In response to de Blasio’s claim following the launch of the investigation that it was riddled with “inconsistencies” and “inaccuracies”, Garnett noted that she had not seen Hezoner point to any particular errors.

“I have not yet heard any identification of alleged factual errors,” said the commissioner, who The mayor was chosen in 2018.

Major Bill de Blasio
Mayor Bill de Blasio has been charged with wasting $319,794 on the New York Police Department’s security team, according to a Department of Investigation report.
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During his weekly Friday morning appearance on WNYC, the lame-duck mayor had no answers about his behavior documented by the damned investigation, leaving him to recycle creepers around the supposedly error-ridden investigation. He sobbed again about the supposed injustice and incompleteness of the investigation, insisting that he “always puts the public interest first”.

“With all due respect to the DOI Commissioner, this report is extremely inaccurate, does not take into account the security realities and how every mayor has been treated for decades, consistently inaccurate, consistently, amazingly and persistently ignorant of the realities of security,” he said on “The Brian Lehrer Show.” .

DOI Commissioner Margaret Garnett
Mayor Bill de Blasio responded to DOI Commissioner Margaret Garnett and claimed she was ignorant of “security realities”.

“There are rumors all over. There is no exhaustive research. … It is not even a professional report.”

“This report is shockingly inaccurate,” he added, again refusing to mention any specific errors. “I always put the public interest first, and did what was appropriate.”


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