NSW police expect William Tyrrell’s search time to be ‘doubled’ due to wild weather

NSW police say the search for William Tyrrell’s remains on the Mid-North Coast “may be extended” due to poor weather forecasts to hit the east coast.

It is 11 days since the search for William, who disappeared in 2014, was renewed in the wake of police receiving new information.

Hundreds of police officers and volunteers have braved wet weather over the past week, removing tons of soil and felling trees around Kendall.

Police have also called in specialists such as archaeologists and hydrologists to help search for evidence in the dense bush.

Detective Darren Bennett said “the weather has been terrible”.

“It’s obvious to all of us that we could not have chosen a worse time in terms of the weather,” he said.

“The update is that the search continues. It’s careful. It’s hard.

“We started with a time frame of between two or three weeks. I think we need to double that now.”

Police in William Tyrrell's house
Police are searching the home of William Tyrrell’s foster grandmother.(ABC News: Emma Siossian)

Detective Bennett said “the spirit is still high” among investigators and search teams despite frustration over constant stops and starts due to the weather.

Several items have been found during the search and will be processed in Newcastle before being sent to Sydney for forensic DNA testing.

“The message from the investigation team is that what they have found so far is reason enough to continue,” he said.

Three senior detectives were seen yesterday spending hours aiming through soil removed from the ground by an excavator.

Objects found in the dirt were placed in two brown evidence bags. It is unclear what the objects were, but they have been sent for forensic analysis.

Police divers have also searched a murky dam that runs between two farms in the Kendall area.

Officers are expected to return to the bush off Batar Creek Road today.


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