NS. Kelly at Brooklyn Cellmate is said to have created a comic book depicting the two men practicing yoga together

was t time. Kelly behind bars eventful. From protesters singing his songs outside of federal prison, to his countless pleas for his release, it doesn’t seem like it’s been a boring day. Things seem to be getting a lot more interesting for Kells, who is now a comic book star.

according to New York Daily News, Companion R. Kelly in the Dungeon, who was convicted of threatening to kill elected officials, has authored a comic book that depicts their lives behind bars. Brendan Hunt created the graphics, which show him and Kelly practicing yoga together, in an effort to judge him by the time he spent.

The comics show Hunt and Kelly meeting in the cell, and they go on with their daily lives as cellmates discussing music and doing yoga together. Hunt described R. Kelly as his “companion” on the series. The stories began with Hunt telling R. Kelly that he had never heard any of his hit songs.

“I am the greatest R&B star in human history! How do you not know about R. Kelly?” he asked in a comic. “I am the greatest R&B star in human history! Millions of children have been conceived according to my records!”

The Daily News reported that Hunt’s defense team includes the comics in a file to the judge to show off his artistic skills and “lasting friendships” he developed “with some of the most likely characters.”

Brendan Hunt was convicted of threatening to kill members of Congress in April after he recorded a video urging people to return to Washington, D.C. and “kill senators” after the January 6 riots.

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