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“Of all the inventions of the past 100 years, the dry erase board has to be the most outstanding.” – Graffiti

When you’re an advertiser, it can be helpful to erase the first few tricks, or just play Trick One, and start over.

In today’s deal, West led his singles shovel against four hearts, and the South won the ace and started the aces. The East took the king and put the spade back, and the West got angry, cashed his trump cards and went out with a cudgel. The proclaimer won, but when he later cheated on the diamond, West took over the king. down one.

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The southern play was unremarkable. I bet the South would like to come back and start with a clean slate. After he wins the first trick, he must take the clubs KA and the last ruff dummy club, then lead the trump.

Then, when West gets a spade luxury and takes a high trump, he is finally played. If he leads the sparkler, South gets a free hand. If West leads a team, South gets handy bullshit. Either way, the South makes its game.

daily question

You hold: SJ 10 7 5 3 HK 6 D 7 5 2 CJ 9 6. Your partner opens one heart, you spade and offers to two clubs. what do you say?

Answer: It is reasonable to return to two hearts. A partner may perform better in a 5-2 heart attack than in a 4-3 heart attack. But in the hands of this weakling, I would pass. In theory, preference is not stronger than passing here. In practice, I prefer not to give the partner another chance to bid and possibly get a very high amount.

Southern Merchant

NS vulnerable


SQ 8 4 2

HQ 8 4 2


California 5 2


s 9

ha 7 5

DK 8 4 3

CQ 10 8 7 4

the East

SJ 10 7 5 3

Hong Kong 6

D 7 5 2

CJ9 6


Instrument 6

HJ 10 9 3

DA 10 9 6

CK 3

Southwest Northeast
1 NT 2 C Pass
2 H pass 4 H each pass

Lead Opening – S 9

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