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Norwich 6-0 Bournemouth: Buddy Davitt player ratings

Here’s Paddy’s verdict on the much-changed Norwich City side, who upended their style under Christos Tzulis and Josh Sargent.

Angus Gun 7

Watching a summary for the vast majority. But until it became a one-sided relationship, he had to keep his focus and composure. A beautiful pass was sewn softly to Brandon Williams before the second half as the Bournemouth players converged.

He made the confident decision to claim Gavin Kilkenny’s corner in a rare offensive tackle. Christian Seyde’s late header kept a clean sheet.

• Bali Mumba 7

A good opportunity to showcase what he could offer in a position he feels within the club he could eventually inherit from Max Aarons. A couple of gentle laps to rid himself of tricky situations in the 16th minute to clear his lines.

Poor title dedicated to Christoph Zimmermann, who saved him. But he bravely stuck to his mission to win a free kick from Morgan Rodgers midway through the opening period. His late injury concern over what Farc said afterwards was a knee problem, but he was not on crutches or had any protective brace as he left the field.


We can expect stricter checks of his credentials at the highest level this season. But they are important minutes nonetheless after missing her from tonsillitis recently.

Amy Marcondes’ third tracked man ran to block a cross at the turn line in the 21st minute. He kept the ball with Williams in first-half stoppage time deep into his left back hole.

• Christoph Zimmermann (midfield) 7

Someone else may have felt they needed to make a statement of intent with Grant Hanley and Ben Gibson, the men who caught the ball in the Premier League’s early skirmishes.

It looked rusty with an early pass by Kenny McClain fired straight out of play. No nonsense statement when I got into trouble by Bali Mumba. He teased Kyle Taylor hard on his byline before returning to play and finding Mumba.

I enjoyed greeting the home fans at the final whistle.

• Brandon Williams 8

Turn the heat up on Dimitris Giannolis from the start. The best moment was his adventurous dash and his bond with Kieran Doyle to finish off an impressive McClane finish in the first half.

But his natural offensive instincts were evident during his good debut. Well linked with co-star Christos Tsoulis, bottom left. But he also appears defensive. Follow dangerous David Brooks to calmly take the ball out of the air and stop a rebound from Bournemouth in the 23rd minute.

More good sites after the interval.

• Lucas Robb 7

He has his opponents after the Premier League opening struggle but definitely looks the part against top-tier opponents. Delayed to McClean in that central area, but his timing forward to perfection to hit a right-footed shot past Organ Nieland from 16 yards to net Norwich the third goal in the 33rd minute.

• Jacob Sorensen 7

Quiet, not pleasant. Like his irresistible personality. He cemented that central ground to allow McLean and Lukas Rupp on occasion to break into the front zone. One minute diagonal ball called Williams forward to raid again.

• Kenny McClain 9

Huge Scottish transformation. The tone was set with the opening target, when the body skew lost its target before Tsoulis finished the prettiest point over the top. But within minutes, he’s back in his area pulling out the cherry counter. An odd goal in the 26th minute when he arrived on the signal to rob Doyle’s house.

He then showed an appetite for work-changers to steal the Bournemouth midfielder inside the visiting half before stepping forward to invite Tsoulis to pick Lucas Robb. In first-half injury time, there was a switch near a defensive header from Kilkenny’s free kick.

Four minutes into the second half, he broke into the Bournemouth area but was saved by Nieland in the way of Josh Sargent. The Norwegian thwarted it again as he grabbed more glory with his header from Doyle’s free kick. A standing ovation as he left for Billy Gilmore.

• Kieran Doyle 8

A pass was given to his head coach. He reversed the fine ball to Williams and then padded the pass for McLean to take him home. The move sparked Sargent’s termination early in the second half, when Bournemouth again coughed up a cheap possession and fed McClain.

Alive with the potential for more when one of the set pieces was snapped up by the Scotsman, but collected by Neyland.

• Josh Sargent 9

A goal to remember on his debut on the Carrow Road with the USA international. With help thrown in a good measure. He set the tone for his shift as he pushed Steve Cook off the ball and landed a corner kick in the first two minutes. He showed his predatory instincts to hit a rebound four minutes into the second half.

Hared Nieland made a mistake before looking and rolling in Solis. The Greek responded beautifully in the 75th minute, although there was a touch of luck for the way he secured the decisive click when he fell to the ground.

He refused a hat-trick when he shot in the 80th minute.

• Christos Soleis 10

Two goals, two passes. A stunning appearance for the teenage striker his coach thinks he can become One of the best players in the world. Two finishers per half. But also the awareness of returning the ball back to Rupp, when he had been tempted to take a shot, and later Sargent after drawing Nyland.

He had a chance to score a hat-trick when he shot a long shot to his left in the last minutes. This was a rare flaw one evening when he announced his arrival in a big way.

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City alternatives

• Billy Gilmore (for McLean, 71) unavailable

• Dimitris Giannullis (Williams, 76) unavailable

• Adam (for Rupp, 77) unavailable