Norster beats trees in New Jersey and NYC, residents worry about others dropping off – CBS New York

New York (CBS New York) — Strong winds from Tuesday’s storm caused trees to fall in the Tree State area. One person was killed Wednesday in New Jersey after a branch fell on two cars traveling on the Fiji County Road Morris Town.

Crews cleared rubble on Mindham Road, where police said a tree limb fell on cars passing in opposite directions at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, killing a woman, CBS2’s Natalie Doddridge reported. .

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“A limb who was driving one of the eastbound vehicles at Morristown Medical Center was subsequently pronounced dead, after officers provided her with treatment,” said Capt. Robert Shearer of Morristown Township Police.

Another person sustained minor head injuries.

The accident occurred after Norer blew up the area on Tuesday.

As a tree collapsed on a house in South OrangeWire pull.

Strong winds and rain caused a tree to fall on a parked car in Fort Green, Brooklyn. (CBS2)

At the same time Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, CBS2 He was there when Isaac Reyes discovered a tree had fallen on his parked car, near Clinton and Myrtle Streets.

“I have no words. I bought this car about a month ago. The windows are cracked, the windshield is gone, ah,” said Reyes.

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But Reyes said he feels lucky that all is damaged.

“I’m thankful I wasn’t in the car when this happened,” he said, “but look at my kid.”

Elizabeth Comerford said the tree just missed it Fort Green a house.

“It looked like a big blast. What I think killed the tree was dry rot and mildew,” Commerford said.

Some Brooklyn residents said they were concerned that the wind, combined with the land saturated with rain, had made more old trees in the neighborhood unstable.

“What they need is to come check the trees now, to save more situations like this,” said Emmanuel Payne of Fort Greene.

“People move into these neighborhoods because they are so wooded and green and so beautiful, but it’s scary when you think about keeping them? Are the tree beds maintained?” added Tiffany Nixon.

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The Gardens Department She said she conducts routine pruning of all street trees, adding that if residents are concerned about one in particular to call 311 and a park ranger will come and check it out and fix the problem.


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