Non-Pixel Android phones begin to get the “Lock Folder” feature in Google Photos.

Non-pixel phones begin to appear. "Locked folder" Feature in Google Photos

Google Photos Locked Folder, a feature that came to Google Pixel phones in June and allows you to lock images and images behind on-device passcodes or biometrics, is now starting to appear on non-Pixel Android phones. Is, Report 9to5Google.

“Locked Folder” is now showing Google Images on non-Pixel Android phones.

The option to lock the folder with the images behind Biometrics Protection is now appearing on more Android devices in the Google Photos app. Many devices such as Oppo, OnePlus and Samsung models now have the option under the “Utilities” section of the Photos app. In addition, some users are being notified of setting up a locked folder.

This feature allows you to prevent any sensitive photos or videos from being uploaded to the cloud from your Android device. The images in the locked folder will be stored locally on your phone and will be protected by the code you have or the setup biometric verification on your device.

Additionally, if you add content to a locked folder, that content will be removed from any cloud backup.

Until now, this feature has been limited to Google Pixel phones. To check if you now have access to the option, you need to go to the Google Photos app> “Library” tab> “Utilities”> Locked Folder. The option is currently found under the “Utilities” section.

However, keep in mind that not all Android phones have this feature.

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