Noah Sendergaard wants Carlos Correa fired for Derek Jeter dig

When learning from Carlos Correa’s comments Regarding his Gold Glove awards, Derek Jeter thinks they don’t even justify a response.

On the other hand, the new and dead Angels pitcher Noah Syndergaard thinks.

Correa, who is one of the best free shipping agents on the market right now, recently stated that Jeter does not deserve any of the five Gold Glove Awards he has won throughout his career. The 27-year-old recently won the first Gold Glove and Platinum Glove (awarded to the best defensive player in every league regardless of his position) of his career.

When asked by MLB Any player who would like to blend in with his new team, Syndergaard pointed out to Correa.

Noah Sendergaard, Carlos Correa
Noah Sendergaard, Carlos Correa
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“Not just for an obvious reason,” said Sendergaard, “but only for what he said about Derek Jeter not worthy of the Golden Gloves. I think saying that was a bit silly.”

By “obvious cause”, Syndergaard is likely referring to Korea’s involvement in the Astros signal-stealing scandal during the 2017 World Championships. The Astros eliminated the Yankees at the ALCS that year.

Jeter, who is now part-owner of the Marlins, took the highway in regards to his midfield ability.

“I didn’t think much of it,” Jeter told reporters recently at a Marlins team event. “I don’t know how my name came about. My Spanish is not good. I still haven’t seen it. I don’t know how my name arose, but that doesn’t warrant a response. I could go in a lot of different directions, but I wouldn’t.”

Syndergaard recently signed with the Angels On a one-year deal worth $21 million instead of accepting the eligible bid of $18.4 million from the Mets. He is joined by another former classmate, Aaron Loeb, who has signed with Halos On a two-year contract worth $17 million.

Correa could emerge as an option for Yankees in need of a spell, and GM Brian Cashman recently said Correa’s cheating past won’t stop the bombers from signing him. He now has another blow against him in the Bronx, with his criticisms of the captain.


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