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(WSVN) – Her neighbors have steps out of their sliding glass doors as required by state law, but have to jump more than two feet to get out. When she installed the steps, you might be surprised by the reaction of the apartment council. That’s why I called Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser.

For years, Lisa searched for the perfect spot.

Lisa Adams: I wanted a ground floor. I wanted water.”

Her Oasis apartment in Nurmi Isles is nice, but it is missing one main thing.

Lisa Adams: “The problem is that I don’t have steps to get in and out safely through the rear sliding glass doors.”

This is correct. It drops 26 inches from its door to the floor. State building code states that you must have steps every seven inches.

Lisa Adams: “So, I couldn’t get in or out of the rear glass slides leading outside.”

To get out, Lisa had to jump over the bushes that the clapboard had planted.

After twisting her ankle in one jump, she said enough. I paid an architect to make the plans, got a permit from the city of Fort Lauderdale and paid the contractor $4,000 to install the steps.

Then I submitted everything to the Cooperation Council and asked permission to put the steps into it.

Lisa Adams: “They are responsible for making public property safe for everyone. It’s not safe, especially for me..”

As we walked around, Lisa pointed out that many of her neighbors also have steps to get out: wooden, orange tiles, and cement.

Lisa Adams: “You can see that they have concrete blocks that go up their steps. Everyone else has it. I order the same that everyone else has.”

Lisa says she didn’t hear any response from the board, so she moved forward.

But when the contractor showed up to do the work, the head of the association was furious.

After the workers finished, Lisa could not believe what happened next. The plank planted bushes around its new steps in an attempt to prevent it from using it.

Lisa Adams: “They’re bothering me.”

Patrick Fraser: “Why?”

Lisa Adams: “I don’t know why.”

The association told her she did not have permission to install the stairs, that she had to pay for the bushes they had put up to keep her from using them, and that she had 30 days to remove the new steps.

Lisa Adams: “No, I don’t. I have every right to have strides.”

The oasis in Normi ​​might be a great place to live, if you’d like to jump more than two feet out of your back door, so, Howard, can a plank take these steps to stop Lisa from taking steps?

Howard Finkelstein, Legal Expert with 7News: “No, for several reasons. This is a selective application, which allows some residents to take steps and not allow Lisa to get in. It is also dangerous, because it prevents Lisa from getting out in case of fire, and finally, it violates the state building code because the regression It’s 26 inches tall, and the law requires a building to have steps in there.”

I tried to contact the property manager, until I left a card on their door. no answer.

I emailed their attorneys and left messages as to why they violated state law by refusing to allow the steps and why they let other residents get in. no answer.

Their attorney wrote to Lisa saying that her request to take steps had been denied, and that she had created a “safety and liability issue for the company.” I wish they would talk to explain how Lisa’s steps were a safety issue.

Lisa Adams: “I’m not asking for anything that the other ground floor tenants don’t have.”

Lisa is now suing the Normi ​​Oasis in Broward Circuit Court so she doesn’t have to jump out her back door to get out.

Lisa Adams: “It’s my back door. I want to be able to use my back door, go out onto the patio, and grill some food on the grill.”

Well, if Lisa wins in court, and Howard thinks she will, she can keep her pace, and not only will the board of directors have to pay their lawyers, but Lisa’s too.

When I say council, I mean all residents of Normi. Councils don’t spend their money. They spend people’s money.

Of course, we’ll follow Lisa as she fights the board and let you know how it goes.

Have you taken the wrong step and are afraid to fall? Take a leap of faith and land with us. We hope to open the door to a solution.

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