No luck: “Gutfeld!” The king is still late at night

The Fox News phenomenon should have been a wake-up call for every TV CEO.

The formula couldn’t be simpler.

  • Create programming that goes against the overwhelming mainstream narrative
  • well done
  • count the money

So the same should apply to late-night television. Every comedy show, from “Tonight Show” to me “Disus and Miro,’ leans reliably to the left. In most cases, Democrats’ talking points are with the occasional punch line.

Why not try a right-leaning alternative? Michael Loftus suggested it once, but cold reaction He received his offer and explained everything. Show that business people would rather leave all that money piled high on the table than give half of the country a vote.

Enter Fox News again with stand-up comedian Greg Gutfield.

The porter leaning to the right unleashed a “Gutfield!” earlier this year. The news-driven comedy show delivered what’s totally missing from late-night television, albeit without A-list stars and broadcast-level cash:

Jokes are aimed at progressives.

a few weeks ago “Gutfeld!” Rise to the top of the rankings stack. The moment came after President Joe Biden’s disaster in Afghanistan, suggesting that viewers would rather hear someone squabble with it than Play defending the untenable.

Except for a new rating report showing “Gutfeld!” The effect may be longer lasting.

This news marks the fourth consecutive week of “Gutfeld!” He outperformed his peers late at night.

Will the Fox News effect return again?

It’s worth noting that Fox News isn’t alone in the conservative news game these days. Newer channels like Real America’s Voice (note: this reporter is a contributor) and Newsmax offer similar footage on the latest headlines.

Fast Fact: “Full in front of me with Samantha Bee,” arguably Rage, the most party late at night, came 12th away in the late-night rating wars, according to TVNewser. the worst? The show airs once a week, which gives writers more time to write great lines.

However, no major, or even minor, platform has ever attempted to do something in “Gutfeld!” musty. The closest version of the right-leaning variant comes every week via Adam is happy “News Canceled.” Available on YouTube, the late-night show offers a traditional monologue that doesn’t leave democratic goals out of the equation.

No signs of virtue, just big laughs.

Will the audience eventually get tired of “Gutfeld!” And bring Colbert back to his throne late at night?

Maybe. Here’s the obvious.

Consumers finally have a late-night alternative, a program ready to summon politicians on both sides of the aisle. And since Netflix, Hulu, ABC, and the rest have no interest in telling jokes that might hurt Democrats, there’s a good chance “Gutfeld!” He will remain at the top for some time.

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