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No: Jordan Peele announces new horror movie with first poster | films

Few of the new voices in the horror field have had as immediate an impact as Jordan Bell – Actor and comedian turned director, with whom he made one of the most famous scary films of the past decade Get out, and followed it up with a doppelgänger slasher riff in we. Now, preparing his third movie, it has another sly brief title: No. As in, the thing you say to yourself softly under your breath in the cinema when a character separates from their group to “investigate”, or steps on a tuft of grass that surely has a bear trap or something horrible hiding under it: No. Check out the mysterious poster here.

In true Peele style, we hardly know anything about this – but this mantra promises not only horror, but “horror” from the director. And this central image is surely full of symbolism that will become more and more evident along the line—a stormy cloud ominously lingering over a city, with a line of colorful bunting flowing from it. If Peele has excelled at anything in his films so far, it’s the captivating photography – from the Sunken Place sequence, to the red suits and golden scissors we, to the epic final shot that powers the spine. We hope this continues. No.

What do we know then? Well, as the cast tells us, Peele is remaking his squad Daniel Kaluuya (in itself very exciting), as well old guardKiKi Layne and the threat And the walking Dead star Stephen Young. Beyond that, it’s just a release date only, with Peele having the clout to achieve this rare feat: A native Summer movie tent. No It’s set to hit theaters on July 22 next year — in fact, a year later than today. You bring terror, we will bring no

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