Nightbirde America’s Got Talent Cancer Update

(WJW) – american talents Judge Simon Cowell shares new details about his conversations with “Nightbirde” of Ohio.

The Zainesville singer whose real name is Jane Marczewski Won Simon’s Golden Bell After her audition.

She later stated that she was no longer competitive due to her battle with cancer.

Simon says he encouraged her not to return to the competition.

“It was a tough conversation we had about whether or not to be on the show. I know it was very frustrating. I called her and said, ‘Honestly if I was in your situation, I wouldn’t do it.’ Because you don’t need to stress now. It’s not worth it,” he said. ”

Marczewski was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017. This was the first of three recurring cancer diagnoses. In 2019, doctors gave her 3 to 6 months to live.

Cowell says she is still fulfilling her dream.

“…Her dream has always been for millions to hear her music. This is what happened behind this,” Coyle said.

“You never let anyone down because that’s what she was constantly telling me. You’re not, you’re going to miss it but you won’t let anybody down,” he shared in their conversation.

nightbird Latest Post about a week ago.

“Some might call it ‘blind denial,'” she wrote, “but I prefer to call it a hateful hope.”


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