Nick Kyrgios blames ‘sexual frustration’ for his tennis struggles

Being separated from another significant player early in his tennis career affected Nick Kyrgios in a very specific way.

Speaking recently on the ‘No Limits’ podcast, the Australian tennis star explained how his “sexual frustration” played a role in his athletic performance.

“With my first girlfriend, I’ve been away from her for six months at a time,” said Kyrgios, According to

“When you try to perform at the highest level, you start to lose someone like you emotionally and physically and it becomes sexually frustrated.”

Kyrgios, which includes former flames Russian Anna Kalinskaya And Australian Croatian tennis player Agla Tomljanovic, also detailed that spending too much time away from a loved one can affect “your work, your mood, everything.”

Chiara Pasari and Nick Kyrgios
Chiara Pasari and Nick Kyrgios

“I’m on the field and I can’t play because I’m super excited, if you know what I mean,” he said.

Krygios was once ranked world number 13 in 2016, but has fallen to 91 this year. Kyrgios, known for his frequent tantrums in court, has hinted at retirement in recent interviews.

Although Kyrgios did not specify that his lady was waiting at the time, the 26-year-old – who was Recently linked to Chiara Passari – He said he was “the most temperamental mom when .” [he] was far from [his] madam for a long time.”

Kyrgios and Pasari were implicated in an incident last month that implicated the police, although “no wrongdoing has been revealed”. Pasari Apparently posting a picture on Instagram Kyrgios is in bed with another woman, which sparks an argument between the two.

In addition to his love life, Kyrgios said that time away from his family has also strained some relationships.

Nick Kyrgios was previously linked to Russian tennis player Anna Kalinskaya
Nick Kyrgios was previously linked to Russian tennis player Anna Kalinskaya

“My relationship with my family was not good a few years ago because I was always away and my family wasn’t around,” Kyrgios said.

He later added, “I pushed everyone who was close to me away and disagreed with people and that’s something I never want again.”


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