Niamef introduces free business name generator tool

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Niamef introduces free business name generator tool

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Namesprayer for solo entrepreneurs, small business owners, and startups Launched by Radix half a year ago, One of the world’s largest domain registries, has now introduced a new business name generator tool. The free online service offers to help businesses with the purchase of brand names, domain names, social media handles, and a brand logo as a free addition. Domain name.

Business Name Generator NaMif is set up so that users can go to the site, enter keywords related to their business, and then select a category from the drop-down menu. Using “state-of-the-art technology”, the Business Name Generator will create meaningful and brandable names that are contextual, linguistically accurate and logical.

.Online, .press, .tech

Each company name includes a domain name available on a new domain extension, such as DE Tech. Store,. online ,. Site, .Press, .Fun, Space,. Website, .host, and. Yoon, as well as a free logo and social media handle. For each inquiry, the program provides a selection of over 500 names.

Nominate“The business name generator goes beyond simply adding prefixes and suffixes to a user’s search query.” Nimrata Arya, Project Lead, Namifai. “The technology behind this name spinner understands the essence of what it is and then twists meaningful names that enable businesses to build a great online brand.”

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