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Seattle won’t get an inaugural playoff

There’s a lot to love about the NHL team finally returning to Seattle (the shirt collectors no doubt await a revival golden seals kit), if for no other reason than to give the Vancouver Canucks a true regional contender — even if their jerseys are, annoyingly, nearly indistinguishable on TV. However, the draft of Kraken’s expansion may not be as productive as the Vegas Golden Knights project a few years ago. Jordan Eberle, Mark Giordano, Jimmy Oleksiak, and perhaps above all – Philip Grobauer, will certainly provide a good base to work with. But the team didn’t seem deep enough to get them out of a tough division with the Golden Knights, or even get past the Flames and Oilers.

More teams will adopt a casual dress code

The NHL’s Game Day dress code isn’t just a tradition, it’s written into the collective bargaining agreement between the league and the players’ association. Paragraph 5 of Document No. 14 states that players must “wear uniformed jackets, ties and pants for all club games and during travel to and from these games unless otherwise specified by the coach or general manager.” Enter the Arizona Coyotes, the first team to loosen the code, thanks to a prompt from Their brand manager. This is probably the reason why other groups, uh, follow the example (sorry). While players may see it as an opportunity to show off the goodwill of their costumes, owners will likely recognize the marketing and sales opportunity. This summer, maple leaves cooperated With Justin Bieber’s clothing line, Drew House, and surprise, it’s not a collection of suits and ties.

Conor McDavid – and the Oilers fans – will be disappointed again

There are few more frustrating facts in the NHL than McDavid. The man is a charming alien. He is eccentric. The Fastest baby alive. The best player in the NHL. However it is not permanently realized. Last year was no different. The Oilers didn’t just lose the first-round series to the Winnipeg Jets last spring — they swept 4-0. It’s hard to pinpoint one reason, but they got a score of 14-8 in the series, not just with McDavid but with Leon Draisaitl MoreoverIt may be so. Obviously, the pursuit of goal was also a factor and remains a factor. The addition of Zach Hyman is a positive step. But Duncan Keith feels like an answer to a question no one’s asked – unless it’s about him Anti-vaccination. McDavid may have to be satisfied with the Olympic gold medal in February. This is not…

Americans win gold in Beijing

If ever there was a moment for the United States to win Olympic gold in men’s hockey, this is it…I guess? to see. So far, the United States has selected three players on its Olympic roster: Auston Matthews, Seth Jones and Patrick Kane. Looks good start! Who else would make the cut? Cole Caufield, the great savior of the Canadians/matches might do. What about Jack Eichel (assuming he’s healthy)? Who else is on this list? Jonny Goudreau, Brock Boozer, Kyle Connor, John Carlson, Ryan Sutter, Conor Hellebuick, Ben Bishop…yes, these guys are stacked. Let’s be honest, Canada will likely be sitting on a strong team as well. Besides McDavid, Sidney Crosby, and Alex Petrangelo who have already been named to the team, Canada’s options include Nathan McKinnon, Mitch Marner, Jonathan Huberdeau, Brad Marchand, Matt Barzall and Kali McCar – a solid group! But it seems that the Americans may have the advantage now. Unless actually Finland? Or maybe Russia? It must be a good tour.

The Maple Leafs will not lose to the Canadians in the playoffs

The good news for Leafs fans is that they are unlikely to see a repeat of last spring’s grueling playoff exit to Montreal. But that’s only because the Canadians will not be in the playoffs this year. Is this a rejection of the team that reached the finals only a few months ago? Yes really. But a return to normal division format in 2021-22 means the Habs are in tighter companionship than when they only faced the North (which they frankly struggled against). Bruins, Panthers, and Lightning will be very difficult. Same story for The Leafs. While they will likely make it past the season again, Toronto will likely need to get past the Bolts, Bruins or Panthers to get ahead – and that’s only if Matthews and Marner really start putting in the points, which they are not inclined to. To do in the playoffs. Going as far as the Leafs is possible, but… yeah, I don’t know, maybe not?

The best matches will be in the central division

The Colorado Avalanche will probably be in for some exciting games
The Colorado Avalanche will probably be in for some exciting games. Photo: Isaiah J. Downing/USA Today Sports

Keep your eyes on the middle. Colorado is looking to redeem itself after losing in the second round of the playoff to Vegas. Dallas will be looking for a playoff berth and a repeat berth in the 2020 Stanley Cup Final — before everyone else gets too old. Meanwhile, Winnipeg remains a threat and the Blues and Predators are likely to have stiff competition for the wildcard place. As for Chicago? The Black Hawks met a lot of expectations for their cut-off 2021 season, but they faltered and missed the playoffs. With Marc-Andre Fleury between the pipes now and Seth Jones on the blue streak, Chicago may now have what it takes to slip past the season. This will be a competitive division with deep rivalries and a higher potential for meaningful mid-season matches.

We’ll talk more about what happens outside the ice

The NHL continues to deal with some of its darkest demons. During the summer, TSN mentioned That a former Chicago Blackhawks player alleged that he was sexually assaulted by the team’s then-team video coach in 2010, and that the team did nothing after he spoke out about the alleged abuse. The coach denied the allegations, and the Black Hawks are expected to release a report on the incident soon.

Recently, Golden Knight goalkeeper Robin Lehner made allegations of a different kind. Liner chirp Over a disagreement between Buffalo Sabers and Jack Eichel over the proper treatment of his herniated disc injury (the team wants Eichel to have surgery, but Eichel prefers disc replacement surgery – the dispute has led to Sabers stripping Eichel of his captain and commanding a trade order). Lehner tweeted a story about Eshel, commenting, “They better be in pain for the rest of their lives…at least they’ll give them painkillers…same old shit.” He then accused the university of endorsing the irresponsible distribution of prescription drugs and sleeping pills to players. Lehner has since spoken to the NHL, NHLPA and She said He is “excited about the potential change that can be made to protect the younger generation.” More is coming, they say.

Then there is Carrie Price. Surprisingly Montreal this past spring wouldn’t have happened without Price between the pipes—certainly not without him, by all appearances, zoned out so that he’s almost in a trance-like state. We don’t know what has happened since then, nor is that any of our business. But last week, the price voluntarily joined The NHL Player Assistance Program, which helps players with mental health or substance abuse issues. Maybe we’ll find out more, maybe not. In any case, Price’s decision is a good one – both for him and his family, and for hockey more broadly. It’s okay to ask for help.

The qualifiers will take place like this…

The league has yet to confirm the 2022 game format, but assuming it returns to its pre-pandemic form, here’s what it might look like: In the East, it will make Tampa, Florida, Boston and Toronto post-season, along with Islanders, Carolina, Washington and Philadelphia. Outside the West, a weaker Pacific division will see only three teams take part in the playoffs, Vegas, Edmonton and Calgary. Five midfield teams – Colorado, Dallas, Winnipeg, St. Louis and Chicago will qualify for the wildcard positions. The Islanders will beat Toronto to face Tampa in the second round, while Florida will advance to face Carolina. Calgary would be better than Edmonton to play with Dallas, and Vegas would meet with Colorado. This means that…

New Yorkers will play in the final

After the Olympics, the biggest question in NHL It would probably be: Who can bring down Tampa? Friends, they are New Yorkers. They came so close to doing it last year, after all, that they only lost 1-0 in Game Seven against Tampa Bay in the semifinals. It was pretty much the same story in 2020. For Tampa, the road to the Stanley Cup always seems to run through Long Island. And while Lightning may not top it with a hat-trick in the cup itself, it seems likely that a third semi-final match between the two teams will take place. Tampa still feels like a championship team, but if anyone can finish that, it’s the Islanders. Captain Anders Lee will be back after being injured in the AFC Champions League last season. Matt Berzal should be in his usual form. Semyon Varlomov-Ilya Sorokin is listed in the net as one of the best, if not the best, goalkeeper duos in the league. The final result?

The Stanley Cup is leaving Florida

See, Florida can be fun. Obviously, the Lord Stanley Cup enjoyed it there, though head injury. But come on, you can’t stay in Florida forever (okay, maybe in the Keys). Tampa will fall into the hands of the islanders, at last. The Panthers will try to keep the trophy in the state, but they won’t quite be ready against the islanders. A long final streak would see the islanders lift the Stanley Cup.

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