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For the gambling enthusiasts, here are my picks for Week 8 of the NFL. For reference, team logos indicate who I think will win the game, not cover the spread. At the end of the selections, I will point out some of the teams that I like based on the points difference – With all the lines coming via Sidelines.io.

051020 Cardinals Logo 2020

Packers at Cardinals (-6.5): As mentioned in This week’s NFC hierarchyDavante Adams dominates the Packers target share this season.

stat Davant Adams nearest player Nearest WR
Objectives 73 Aaron Jones (28) Allen Lazard (21)
catch 52 Aaron Jones (26) Allen Lazard (15)
yards 744 Aaron Jones (186) Allen Lazard (184)
20+ yard reception 13 Robert Tonian / Randall Cope (3) Randall Cope (3)
First defeats 35 Aaron Jones (13) Allen Lazard / Randall Cope (10)

Adams contracted COVID and won’t be playing this game, which is kind of a big deal.

051020 Black Logo 2020

Eagles (-3.5) in blackThe Lions have lost some heartbreaking matches this season.

• In Week 3, they were cheated in the win over the Ravens, when an apparent delay to a penalty kick in Baltimore was not called, opening the door for a 66-yard field goal attempt, made by Justin Tucker.

• In the fifth week, they scored a late TD goal, and by one point decided to go for two and win, which they converted, only to watch the Vikings drive 46 yards in 30 seconds to attempt a 54-yard field goal, made by Greg Joseph.

• In Week 7, the Rams held a six-point lead with about five minutes to play, and the Lions were in a position to go up by one point using TD+PAT. They had 1 and 10 from the 12-yard Rams streak, but Jalen Ramsey INT ended that threat.

Yes, the Lions are a bad soccer team. So do eagles. But the Lions at least seem to be making the most of every week, while there have been some glimpses of Eagles players – notably Fletcher Cox – starting to come out. I’ll take the stumbling bad team over the idle bad team.

090920 Billing Logo 2020

Dolphins in Bells (-13.5): With the Dolphins losing and the Lions winning, Dolphins’ first-round pick – owned by the Eagles, of course – will likely move to the top overall.

091020 Titans Logo

Titans in ponies (-1.5): In Week 3, the Titans lost the Duran Battle 0-3 to the Colts, but the Titans comfortably won anyway. Both teams head into this rivalry for winning streaks. The Colts beat a very bad Texas team, then beat 49 players in the monsoon season. Meanwhile, the Titans scored major victories over both AFC 2020 co-hosts at the Bills and Chiefs. The 27-3 stomp for the Chiefs was particularly impressive.

When the Titans get hot they tend to put big numbers on the scoreboard, so I’ll ride them until they cool off.

051020 hawk logo 2020

Cheetahs in Hawks (-3): This less likely version of Christian McCaffrey of the Panthers is the NFL bottom five. It looks like Sam Darnold is just a bad quarterback player, not just a producer of a bad Jets series. I guess the Panthers thought they could get a lot more out of Darnold than he showed in his first three years in NJ, because they thought they had a better team/organization/culture/whatever? If so, they deserve the miserable season standing in front of them for this unearned hype.

051020 bears logo 2020

49ers (-4) in the Bears: The Bears (rightfully) took the momentum and started starting Justin Fields on Andy Dalton, while the 49ers still stuck to bad Jimmy Garoppolo now on Tre Lance.

Neither team is enjoying a good quarterback, and Fields certainly took his block so far in the junior season.

Yes, the Bears have had ugly losses, but why exactly are we pretending this 49ers are doing well? On what basis should they be favorites with four points down the road the way they have played their attack during their last three matches?

Browns Logo 2020

Steelers at Browns (-3.5): Baker Mayfield should return to Brown, although frankly, I don’t know how much of a promotion it will be on Keenum’s case if his left shoulder is still bothering him. If I knew better how badly Mayfield was hurt and how uncomfortable he was during this game, I might be more willing to put 3.5 points on the flawed Steelers, but it’s easier to pass.

Mohammed Abdul Majeed 2020

Bengals (-10.5) in Jets: With Mike White starting the quarterback for the Jets, he loved the Bengals as he chose the Survivors Gathering this week. Also, if you look ahead at the Bengals table, their next five opponents are against the Browns, Raiders, Steelers, Chargers and 49ers, and I wouldn’t trust them as survivors picking any of those teams.

I have two problems:

  1. This Jets game is sandwiched between confrontations against Ravens and Browns, two big division level matches for a rookie team, so this Jets match is a case of a classic trap game.
  2. The Bengals will play three games their way out of three in a row, which is a huge disadvantage.

But, I mean… Mike White.


Rams (-14.5) in Texas: the following.

2020 logo chargers

Battery * ts in chargers (-5): The Charger was defeated against the Ravens Week 6. This happens. I’m comfortable enough with the rest of their business this season – victories over the Chiefs, Raiders and Browns, for example – that we can reasonably guess that this was a one-game aberration, and they’d have it right away after their goodbyes.

I guess this streak is only 5 because the Chargers’ latest game was a blast loss, and Patri*ts’ last game was a 54-13 win over the Jets? This seems like an overreaction to modernity’s bias. The Chargers are a very good soccer team, Patri*ts are not.

Nada Al-Saniya 2020

Jaguar VC-Hawks (-3): Yes, Genu Smith is the quarterback for the Seahawks, but they still have better players across the board than the Jaguars.

010321 Broncos Logo 2020

Broncos football team (-3): The Broncos went out of the gate by scoring 3-0 against the Giants, Jaguar and Jets. They have lost four games in a row against real teams. The Broncos (-3) may look like a bargain on a neglected Washington team, but Denver could be just as bad. I will not touch her.

051020 Buccaneers Logo 2020

Pirates (-5.5) in SaintsThe Saints are one of the most perverted teams in the NFL, which should come as no surprise with James Winston in the quarterback. Meanwhile, Tampa is set up to be one of the most consistent teams in the NFL. Easy connection here, obviously.

051020 Cowboys Logo 2020

Cowboys (-1.5) in Vikings: Both teams would come for weeks of farewell, and the week off was perfect timing for the Cowboys, as Dak Prescott was unable to go into week seven if Dallas had a game, as he continues to recover from the calf strain he suffered in the final against Battery Week 6.

I think there some He wondered if Duck would be in Week 8 against the Vikings, which I suppose is why that streak is only Cowboys (-1.5). I’d bet Duck to play, because if you look around the rest of the NFC, the Cowboys are going to want to keep up with teams like the Cardinals, Rams, Packers, and Buccaneers for the purposes of seeding slots. If Duck is the cut-off, he’ll play, and if he’s already playing, the Cowboys (-1.5) is a bargain.

090920 Heads Logo 2020

Giants in Heads (-9.5): At 1-2, The Chiefs desperately needed a win against the Eagles, and it was very easy to take care of the business. At the age of 2-3, they were in dire need of a win over the football team, and they once again got the job done with ease. At 3-4, KC is once again in desperate need of a win, and sure enough, another NFC East opponent awaits them.

Farewell: Raiders, crows.

Survivor’s Choice

Week 1: Rams ✔
Week Two: Pirates ✔
Week 3: Bronco ✔
Week 4: Billing ✔
Fifth week: BATTERY *TS ✔
Sixth week: dowries ✔
Week Seven: Cardinals ✔
Week 8: Bengals

• Choices against the difference: Lions (+3.5), Titans (+1.5), Bears (+4), Seahawks (-3), Cowboys (-1.5).

• Eagles Choices: 5-2

• 2021 season, live: 69-38 (0.645)
• 2021 season, ATS: 17-19-1 (0.473)
• Season 2020, live: 169-81-1 (0.675)

• Season 2020, ATS: 45-37-3 (0.547)

• 2019 season, live: 160-107-1 (0.601)

• 2019 season, ATS: 42-35-3 (0.544)

• 2018 season, live: 173-94-2 (0.647)

• 2018, ATS: 41-36-2 (0.532)

• 2017, season, live: 181-86 (0.678)

• 2017, season, ATS: 36-32-2 (0.529)

• 2016 season, live: 171-94-2 (0.644)

• 2016 season, ATS: 41-34 (0.547)

• 2015 season, live: 163-93 (0.637)

• 2015 season, ATS: 46-30-2 (0.605)

• Last 7 years, ATS: 268-223-13 (0.545)

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