News of Prince Andrew’s fears of ‘complete financial ruin’

Prince Andrew fears he may be left “completely broke” after he was stripped of his military titles And the King’s shepherds are in the midst of his legal battle against Jeffrey Epstein’s victim Virginia Roberts Joffrey.

The Duke of York faces mounting legal costs Fighting a sexual assault case of Joffrey that he was worried it would leave him penniless, The Daily Mail reported.

“Until very recently, it appears that the sheer enormity of this case and the consequences he is facing have not affected him,” a source told the newspaper. Now bills are piling up and the possibility of a settlement, or even a worse judgment, is widely discussed; Complete financial ruin is feared.

Virginia Roberts Joffrey, who says she was trafficked by sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, holds a press conference outside a Manhattan courthouse as sexual assault prosecutors called by a judge for a hearing after Epstein's death in prison in New York.
Virginia Roberts Joffrey’s lawsuit says she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew on several occasions.
AFP/Bepito Matthews

“There is a very real possibility of him being completely devastated.”

Andrew – who has denied the allegations – has legal and PR fees It can reach 3 million dollars, based on reports.

In addition, he may have to spend more than $13.6 million to settle the case brought by Geoffrey.

Joffrey asserts in her federal lawsuit in Manhattan that she was forced to have sex with Prince three times, starting at age 17.

Sources said senior royals feel Andrew is “out of the way” to fight the issue.

In addition to his legal troubles, Andrew has trouble paying off an $8.2 million debt on a French socialite, Isabelle de Rovere, who sold a Swiss chalet to Andrew and his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, in 2014, The Mirror reports. According to reports, Andrew recently sold the chalet for $23 million.

Everything will disappear

A source told The Mirror: “Andrew thought, in fact, that he had been notified, that all of this would go away in time, and neither had happened, leaving him facing an extraordinary uphill battle to even save any crumbs of his reputation.

Queen Elizabeth told Prince Andrew face-to-face that he would no longer be known as HRH.
Queen Elizabeth told Prince Andrew face-to-face that he would no longer be known as HRH.
Getty Images

According to reports, the Queen will not be “helping” her son financially, as Prince William and Prince Charles have been “furious” with Andrew over the scandal.

While he faces being financially alone, the Queen allegedly reneged on at least one aspect of Andrew’s life: paying for his security, the Mirror notes.

The outlet stated that it believed the bill was more than $410,000 a year.


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