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New York weather: CBS forecast 2 at 1/17 Monday morning

Written by Matt DeLucia, meteorologist/weather producer at CBS2

If you’re out early this morning, things will still be tough. If you are able to sleep, you are in better shape.

Heavy rains continue, gradually shifting to the north as the sun rises. Places like Sullivan and Ulster counties continue to handle a winter mix. This is also where the highest snow total will be observed. High winds will gradually subside as the system pulls away. Just be prepared to go before 7am or so.

We also expect moderate coastal flooding during high tide, so be prepared if you live in high-risk areas. By mid-morning, things are getting better. After the early morning temperature is in the 40s, we go back to the 30s until the afternoon. It’s possible to stick around for snow showers, along with some breaks from the sun, too.

Tuesday, we’re back in the 30s with brighter skies.