New York City could see its first snow of the season over Thanksgiving weekend

New York City may see its first snow of the season as a winter storm rolls into the area over the weekend as temperatures dip to an abnormally low level, according to meteorologists.

On Sunday, lake-effect snow is expected to reach the area, but only a small layer is expected to accumulate over an inch in the city due to the temperatures and daylight, According to Accuweather.

Forecasters said that cities north of New York such as Albany and Hartford, Connecticut have the potential to see a few inches of snow from the storm, as do other areas to the north and west.

Accuweather has speculated that airline delays are likely due to aircraft defrosting at some locations.

If the fast-moving storm stopped suddenly and intensified Sunday night through Monday, New York City would have a greater chance of snow accumulating.

Temperatures dropped 8 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit from normal on Tuesday and Wednesday, Accuweather reports. While temperatures rose slightly on Thursday for Thanksgiving, temperatures are expected to dip again by the end of the week to their usual levels from mid to late December.

Pedestrians pass a snowstorm in Times Square on Wednesday, December 18, 2019, in New York.
Accuweather says temperatures are expected to drop dramatically over the weekend.
Associated Press photo/Frank Franklin II
Snow removal equipment is ready for the job cleaning runways.
Airline delays are likely due to aircraft defrosting in some locations.
Richard Harbus
A man wearing an American flag mask walks across the Brooklyn Bridge during a snowstorm on February 19, 2021 in New York City.
The Brooklyn Bridge during a snowstorm on February 19, 2021.
Alexey Rosenfeld / Getty Images
The forecast storm will be the first snowfall in New York City this season.
John Lamparsky / Getty Images

Unusually warm Atlantic temperatures will reduce the chance of snow accumulation along the vicinity, where a mixture of rain and snow is likely.

Accuweather expects local road conditions to be wet with potentially slippery areas outside urban areas when roads cool off Sunday night.


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