New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia are preparing for a second day of record-breaking rain

The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) has issued severe weather and flood warnings for much of southern Queensland and northern New South Wales, saying conditions are expected to worsen today.

The State Emergency Service (SES) is on high alert today, and has already received nearly 200 calls for help.

Sydney and Brisbane will be affected by the Trough today with showers and possible storms forecast.
Sydney and Brisbane will be affected by the low pressure system today with showers and possible storms forecast. (9 news)

Heavy rain is expected again today, with warnings of dangerous flash floods in rivers.

Total rainfall is likely to be between 50mm and 100mm in areas of southern Queensland, according to the exchange.

Severe thunderstorms may also develop over the Darling Downs and the Granite Belt, with warnings of potentially damaging winds.

New South Wales Assistant Commissioner Dean Storey urged residents to be vigilant, warning that flash floods are known to be “unexpected”.

“Large proportions of the state (in) the line of fire,” he said. Today, Explaining emergency services is particularly important in Moree, Armadale, Tamworth and Parks in New South Wales.

SES has already received nearly 200 calls for help, as the wild weather continues.
SES has already received nearly 200 calls for help, as the wild weather continues. (Today)

“We’re going to have a mix of flash floods that are really unpredictable and come really fast but also Riverina floods as well.

“Roads will be cut off in many areas, so avoid non-essential travel in those areas and never drive through flood waters.

“Time and time again, we see poor results with poor decisions being made with people who drive through flood waters. And often with tragic results.

“Really urge communities to be aware of their local weather forecasts and conditions.”

Mr Storey said there were 18 hours of flooding in NSW, with more expected throughout the day.

The message was echoed by BoM Hazard Preparedness and Response East Director Jane Golding.

It urged residents in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Canberra to prepare.

“Many regions are expecting heavy rain, and some places in Queensland and New South Wales are likely to see daily rainfall totals of 150mm or more,” she said.

“We may be seeing this rainfall on our watersheds that are already wet as well, so we encourage people to ‘know your weather, know your risks,’ and make sure they keep up with current forecasts and warnings.”

The areas worst affected yesterday were northern New South Wales and southern Queensland.
Yesterday’s worst hit areas were Northern NSW, Southern Queensland – and the Northern Territory. (9 news)

SES helicopters have been deployed to areas of concern on the border between New South Wales and Queensland to ensure they are able to respond as quickly as possible.

Severe weather and flood warnings are also in effect for parts of southern and southern Australia Northern Territory.

The warnings come after Alice Springs yesterday recorded its wettest November day in 20 years.

The town’s airport reported more than 100mm of rain, according to the BoM, which closed multiple roads.

The average 24-hour precipitation has not been this high since January 30, 2001.

A rescue is underway at Undoolya Bridge in Alice Springs after a man is stranded.
A rescue is launched at the Undoolya Bridge in Alice Springs after a man was stranded. (Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services)

The rain caused the Todd River to burst its banks, causing water to flow into the nearby streets.

Northern Territory Police and Fire and Emergency Services said the man’s car “veered off the road” due to rising flood waters.

“The man managed to grab himself from the car and get to a tree where he stayed until NTES arrived at the scene.”

Weather station Todd River Schwarz Crescent has recorded at least 70 mm of rain in the past 24 hours.

Meanwhile, the city of Rockhampton was in Central Queensland He received over 300mm overnight and through Wednesday.
A rescue is underway at Undoolya Bridge in Alice Springs after a man is stranded.

Man saved from river during ‘wettest day in 20 years’

The cause of the wild weather is a low pressure system that traveled from Western Australia through the Northern Territory.

Conditions are expected to extend through the end of the week.

Sydney has a very high chance of rain today, most likely during the afternoon and evening.

Temperatures will reach 17°C before climbing to 21.

Canberra will also see a cloudy day with cover increasing in the afternoon.

There is a high chance of rain and the possibility of a thunderstorm likely this evening.

The city will see a low of 10°C and 22°C.

Brisbane will likely have a rainy day as well, with showers and even a chance of a thunderstorm forecast.

It is expected to be 22°C minimum and 29°C maximum.

It’s going to be a cloudy day in tropical Darwin with a chance of showers and a thunderstorm inside.

The city will see 27°C and 35°C.

Adelaide will have a mostly clear day, with forecasts of 9°C and 22°C.

Hobart has an average chance of showering in the morning and afternoon, which will be gone later in the afternoon.

The city will experience a low of 7°C and 17°C.

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