New quarantine rules for travelers come into effect

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New quarantine rules for travelers come into effect

Thousands of travelers arriving in the UK are facing drastic changes to self-isolation rules.

The main change for British travelers who have been fully vaccinated by the NHS is that they no longer need to quarantine for 10 days upon arrival from ‘amber list’ countries – such as Spain, Italy, Greece and the United States.

The first beneficiaries were on board British Airways Flight 262 from Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, which landed just 33 minutes after the rules change at 4 am. Two more flights from Amber List locations, Lagos and New York, had arrived by six in the morning.

The first ferry that arrived from the Kahramani List website was Stena Line From Hook of Holland to Harwich, which docked at 6.30 am.

Passengers must still submit a negative coronavirus test result before departing for the UK, and pre-book a PCR test after arrival.

But over the weekend, thousands of unvaccinated vacationers scrambled to return from Spain’s Balearic Islands. Arrivals from Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza were free from quarantine until 4am – when they were moved to the amber list.

at Gatwick, And the easyJet The flight from Ibiza arrived just three hours before the deadline, while Jet2 From Palma I landed at Manchester Airport a few minutes before midnight.

Hundreds of thousands of British travelers in France, or planning to go there, learned late Friday that vaccinated arrivals to the UK will still have to be quarantined.

The government announced that Current Amber List rules – which require self-isolation – will continue to apply to passengers returning from France, Due to concerns about the possible import of a ‘beta variant’ that was first identified in South Africa.

The “amber plus” rule also applies to anyone driving through French territory to Canal ports – although Eurostar passengers from Amsterdam and Brussels are exempt, because trains pass through France non-stop.

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