New on Apple Arcade: Odmer and Dandara: The Test of Fear


RPG Viking Tale, Odmar, is a physics based puzzle game.

Apple Arcade Two new games were added. Catalog of over 225 games. Subscribers can check out Odmar and Dandara: The Fear Test Today. Here’s what you need to know about new games on Apple’s game subscription service:


Manufacturer: MobGe

Odmar is an action-adventure platform looking to join the Vikings. To prove himself in his village, he embarks on a quest full of challenges, magic weapons, new friends, enemies and more. Discover 24 handmade levels with physics-based puzzles through magical forests, snow-capped mountains and mysterious mines.

MobGe co-founder and CEO Özgür Taşkın told CNET that stories about fearless Vikings and Scandinavian culture and geography influenced the game. As the team delved deeper into the stories, they discovered many legends that would fit into the game. Taşkın said the team wants players to feel the texture of Scandinavian geography and the smell of rain as they explore the environment.



“We want players to have fun and experience a beautiful adventure with five or six hours of fluctuations with different mechanics at each level,” Taşkın told CNET by email.

Players can also see themselves in the game’s main character, Odmar, and his journey to find his place in the world.

Taşkın said, “We hope everyone can be as positive, peaceful and sympathetic as Oddmar in his adventures.” “Even if they are clumsy.”

Odmar won the Apple Design Award in 2018 and is already available to play in the App Store, but costs $ 5 without a subscription to the Apple Arcade. The game has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Fans of the secret Oops! And Yaga: Character Folk Tales Check out this game.

Dandara: The test of fear

Manufacturer: Raw Fury and Long Hat House


Apple Arcade / Screenshot by Shelby Brown

Dandara is the heroin that rises to save the city of salt, which is on the brink of destruction in a world whose citizens live in oppression and loneliness. The 2D Metroidvania platformer lets you explore walls and ceilings by jumping against the enemies and discovering the hidden mysteries of salt.

The development team focused on using touch screen drag motion to keep players engaged, as well as telling a story through their own culture, Long Hat House game developers Lucas Matos and Joao Brandt told CNET in an email. told.

“Dandara is a very recent experience of search and battle, especially for the touch screen,” Brandt said.

Dandara: The main character of fear and narrative trials – a fierce fighter who fought tirelessly for freedom against aggressive and controlling oppression, was inspired by the real-life heroine Dandara dos Palmaris, who fought against slavery in the 17th century. Fighting was an African-Brazilian fighter.

According to Mattos and Brant, after the game’s original 2018 release, the team realized the positive effects that diversity in games can have on their culture, behavior and society.

Brant said, “Diversification in the media, when done well, is a way to dispel stereotypes, reach out to misrepresenters in new ways and encourage them, under-represented voices and stories. It is important to respect what is being heard and seen and to increase the interest of the audience in them. ”

Dandara: Trials of Fair, an App Store Editors’ Choice game, already available for play in the App Store, but costs $ 4 without a subscription to Apple Arcade. The game has a rating of 4.4 out of 5.

In addition to the new titles, Apple Arcade still has more games coming into service soon.

If you’re interested in trying out Apple Arcade, you can get a three-month free trial with the purchase of a new device, or a free month if you’re signing up for the first time. Open the App Store and tap the small Joyce Stick icon at the bottom of the screen to start the service.

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