New Microsoft Office is coming: release date, pricing and big changes.

The 2021 version of Microsoft Office will not require a subscription.


The new, flat-priced version of Microsoft’s Office Productivity software will arrive on October 5 – the same day. Windows 11 According to the company’s blog post, it has started on Thursday.

Microsoft has previously insisted that while its primary focus is on offering subscriptions, Microsoft 365., It will issue a 2021 one-time purchasing office for those who are not ready to go into the cloud.

Office 2021 comes in two versions: one for commercial customers, called Office LTSC (which is for long term service channels), and one for personal use. The Post said Office LTSC is generally available today, and includes accessible features, performance improvements in Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and visual improvements in apps like Dark Mode support. This is for special situations, such as process control devices on the manufacturing floor that are not connected to the Internet, unlike an entire organization.

Meanwhile, Office for personal use will arrive on October 5, 2021, although Microsoft has not yet announced pricing information.

Both versions of Office will be supported on Windows and Mac, and will be shipped via the One Note app. According to the post, they will also send both 32 and 64 bit versions. Microsoft will support the software for five years, and said it does not intend to change the price at the time of release.

In April 2020, Microsoft replaced Office 365. Microsoft 365., A subscription service that adds more features to a suite of software tools, but requires an individual plan to pay $ 7 a month or خاندان 10 for a family of up to six people (this price will increase in March 2022). ۔ The company says its primary focus will be on the cloud, but it believes not everyone is ready to take that step. While you can use Microsoft 365 apps like Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Online for free With limited functionality, you will need either a permanent version or a subscription to take full advantage of their capabilities.

Some have wondered if Office 2019 will be the last permanent version of the software, as it comes with Microsoft 365. But then in a September blog post, Microsoft announced its plans to keep the office running forever.

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