New Jersey nurse dies from injuries sustained after being knocked to the ground by alleged moger in Times Square – CBS NY

Bayonne, NJ (CBS New York) – A nurse from New Jersey was He was seriously injured after being knocked to the ground by an alleged thief In Times Square is dead.

Just over 24 hours after oncology nurse Maria Ambrosio was assaulted in Times Square, she was taken off life support machines and dead.

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Her best friend Emilia Cruz was by her side with her family.

“It’s awful. I don’t know what to tell you,” she told CBS 2’s Kieran Delon. “I can’t feel it now because she’s gone. She’s gone.”

Cruz can barely catch her breath.

“She was every girlfriend anyone would want. She was a very nice person. Very honest, honest and loving.”

The two nurses were at Bayonne Medical Center, Cruz and Ambrosio Times Square Friday afternoon. Cruz says they just finished lunch when an Ambrosio man breaks into outside a pizzeria.

Police say the man was being chased after another man’s phone was stolen.

Ambrosio fell and broke her skull when her head hit the pavement.

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“I hope he will be charged, you know, justice must be served, so that my friend’s life is not in vain,” Cruz said.

Police say the homeless man, 26-year-old Jermaine Foster, took off but was later arrested and arrested. They also say Foster was involved in another robbery at a woman’s apartment shortly before the incident in Times Square.

in a BayonneAmbrosio, where Ambrosio has worked as a nurse for more than two decades, Mayor Jamie Davis said he befriended her during the pandemic, even seeing her only last week. He says he was always in awe of her commitment to her patients, adding that her death left a permanent hole in society.

“She’s his lover. She was a loving person, a caring person. All she wanted to do was help. Even during the pandemic, she worked overtime. She did everything she had to do for the people of Bayonne City,” Davis said.

Ambrosio’s friends told us that she was married and had children of a stepson. As a committed member of her church and the Filipino community, they add in addition to helping people, she loves music and travel.

“She’s like a sister to me, a little sister. She’s a good nurse and an excellent nurse,” Cruz said.

They say their girlfriend will be remembered for giving heart and endless dedication to helping others.

Foster faces multiple charges, including burglary, assault and burglary.

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CBS2’s Kieran Dillon contributed to this report.


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