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New iPhone 13 Colors: Should You Buy Pink, Starlight or Sierra Blue?

The iPhone 13 Pro comes in Sierra Blue.

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Of IPhone 13 Here it is, and you can make it your own before it reaches your door. (You can also customize it. Wallpaper, App icons And Settings changes After you receive it.) You may know. Which carrier do you want to call?, And you probably have a good idea. What Mag Safe Accessories Do You Want? To go with your new phone. In fact, you probably already know. How much storage do you want?Depending on how full your current phone is. But what about the colors?

There are five different. IPhone 13 color options (Including Millennial pink) This year and four options if you go with the iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max. Whatever color you choose will probably suit you. At least for the next two years. If you are not sure which is best for you, I have a quick explanation of each to help.

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Apple unveils iPhone 13




You almost certainly own a black or dark gray phone. It’s a classic color for a reason, it looks great with any accessory and if you use it without a case it is less likely that you will see scratches on the black glass. The same cannot be said of the metal band around the outside of the phone, which in the past showed silver on the bottom when scratched deep enough.

Simply put, this is the color you get if you don’t care what color your phone is or if your phone will survive in any case as long as you own it.


White has been the default replacement option for the iPhone from almost the beginning, and for good reason. It looks great, and unlike other color options, it’s hard to see the scratches on the glass and the metal band around the outer edge of the body.

The Starlight version of the iPhone also lends itself well to decals and texture patterns, having a bright color surface with a shiny white base looks amazing, if you decide that Provides a little extra protection if you don’t need a case.


In the past, Apple released the product red version of the iPhone separately from the basic colors, but this year it is one of the top options. This bright color appears in every possible way, no matter where you are in the lighting, making it very difficult to get lost in the sofa cushions by mistake. Each of Apple’s products sold with the product red label means a donation to HIV / AIDS treatment programs (although Apple never said how much).


Apple fans have been asking for the pink option for a long time. Not metallic rose gold, but a proper pink. And here it is, now you can own a pink iPhone. It’s also a subtle color, not as high as the product red or blue options, so if you want your phone to have a little personality without drawing too much public attention, this is the phone for you. Furthermore, because it is such a light shade, the scratches on the body will probably be much less visible than other models.


Apple didn’t call the color Starlight or Midnight Over the Top, because it’s unnecessary. When you look at it, you know what color it is. This phone is blue, in fact it is the most blue phone you can buy today and it includes the more washed Sierra Blue offered by the iPhone 13 Pro this year. This is a phone that stands out everywhere, and if you are going to use it at all, you are required to use a clear case.


The Graphite iPhone 13 Pro’s Matte Black is the choice you get when you’re not interested in showing off your phone. Whether you know that your iPhone will stay with you for the rest of your life or you are not interested in showing yourself in color, this is your default option. This is a solid option, in fact it is the original color, and the fact that it is not interesting or new you should not stop.


Every year Apple has a new color option for the iPhone and this year the new color is Sierra Blue. This is a much lighter and brighter shade of blue than last year’s Pacific blue, which in some lights is so similar to graphite that you can barely distinguish them. This iPhone 13 Pro is undoubtedly blue, and it will catch the attention anywhere. This is the perfect iPhone for someone who wants to use their phone with a clean case or even a case at all and wants to tell everyone that they have the latest gadget.


It’s not as appealing as Starlight, but the Silver iPhone 13 Pro is a classic color with a lot of styles. Not only is it a nice light color that will look good under textured decals, but if you manage to scratch the silver version of the phone it will be much harder to feel the damage due to being too close to natural ۔ The color of the metal and the light glass is more reflective. This is a great iPhone for someone who can’t own everything Matt Black has and will appreciate the light touch.


Apple has made many gold-colored products, and they are all different. Many attempts have been made to play with different shades of gold, including champagne and the infamous Rose Gold. This year’s iPhone is a classic, light shade of gold. It is less obvious than the standard gold shade you will find on the timepiece, less yellow and generally with a softer look and feel. This is the perfect color for someone who appreciates gold, but is not interested in talking out loud about it.

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