New iOS 14.7, TVOS 14.7, and Watch OS 7.6 updates are enhancing ECG support and more

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New iOS 14.7, TVOS 14.7, and Watch OS 7.6 updates are enhancing ECG support and more

Expansion / Magsif battery pack attached to iPhone 12 Pro models.

Apple on Monday released new versions of its iOS, TVOS and WatchOS operating systems for iPhone, Apple TV and Apple Watch devices. Dubbed iOS 14.7, TVOS 14.7, and Watch OS 7.6, the updates are relatively small and include tweaks, bug fixes, and a minor new feature.

The initial impetus for the iOS update seems to include support for the recently launched Magsif Battery Pack, which is compatible with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro lines.

In addition, Apple cardholders can now “collect credit limits and share an account with an existing Apple Card user,” a new option Apple announced earlier this year.

Beyond that, the update is mostly about bug fixes and minor tweaks, and it expands the areas for which the weather app provides air quality information. (This includes Canada, France, Italy, the Netherlands, South Korea and Spain.)

Following are Apple’s release notes for iOS 14.7:

iOS 14.7 includes the following fixes and bug fixes for your phone.

  • Mag Safe Battery Pack Support for iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • Apple Card adds the option to combine family credit limits and share a shared account with an existing Apple Card user
  • The home app enhances the ability to manage timers on the home pod
  • Air quality information is now available in weather and maps for Canada, France, Italy, the Netherlands, South Korea, and Spain.
  • The podcast library allows you to select all shows, or just follow shows
  • Playlist menu option is missing in Apple Music
  • Audio playback can stop unexpectedly without Dolby Atmos and Apple Music
  • The battery service message may have disappeared after restarting some iPhone 11 models
  • Braille displays may display incorrect information when compiling mail messages

For information about the security content of the Apple Software Update, please visit this website:

tvOS and watch OS

As is often the case, the TVOS 14.7 update seems to have nothing to write home about. Apple says it offers bug fixes and minor improvements, but has not published an itemized list of changes.

Something else is going on with WatchOS, but not much. The 7.6 update also fixes bugs and makes minor tweaks, but ECG support seems to have increased in 30 more areas. You can see the full list of countries and territories that support this feature on Apple’s Watch OS website.

All three updates (iOS 14.7, TVOS 14.7, and WatchOS 7.6) today reached supported devices across all regions. Surprisingly, we haven’t seen the accompanying iPad OS 14.7 update yet. Apple usually updates iOS and iPad OS.

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