New car sales in China fell for the fourth consecutive month in August

On July 1, China updated the emissions rules for diesel vehicles including heavy trucks to State 6 standards, which comply with Euro 6 rules.

Due to a lack of chips and stricter emissions rules, shipments of new commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses fell 43 percent to about 247,000, according to estimates by the largest industry group.

Buoyed by a 77 percent recovery in the first quarter from the same period hit by the coronavirus in 2020, new car sales by China’s automakers rose 14 percent from a year earlier to 16.6 million in the first seven months.

In the period, shipments of light vehicles jumped 16 percent to 13.11 million while volume of commercial vehicles rose 5.5 percent to 3.44 million.

electrified vehicles
Unlike the market as a whole, Electric car sales It remained strong, up 180 percent from the previous year to about 321,000 in August.

The total includes about 265,000 fully electric vehicles and 56,000 hybrid electric vehicles, an increase of 190 percent and 170 percent, respectively.

During August, the market for new electric vehicles expanded 190 percent to nearly 1.8 million.

The number includes about 1.49 million electric vehicles and an additional 306,000 hybrid vehicles, up 210 percent and 140 percent from the previous year, respectively.


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