New 888 service for the protection of women ‘Jit Priti Patel’s support’ | BT

A BT proposal for a new service to protect women traveling alone has reportedly been backed by Home Secretary Preeti Patel.

Users will download the mobile phone app and enter their home address and other frequent locations, the Daily Mail reported.

Before the trip, someone will call or text 888 or enter the estimated time of the trip using the app, after which the app will be tracked via the phone’s GPS system to check that Whether the user has come home or not.

Failure to respond will trigger emergency calls and subsequent calls to the police.

The newspaper said BT chief executive Philip Johnson had written to Patel that the helpline would cost 50 50 million and could be launched by Christmas.

“We have received the letter and will respond in due course,” a Home Office spokesman said.

“As outlined in our strategy earlier this year, we need a holistic approach to society to tackle violence against women and girls, and welcome joint work between the private sector and the government.” Are. “

Patel told the Mail: “This new phone line is exactly the kind of modern scheme that will get better as soon as possible. I am now looking at it with my team and liaising with BT.

Johnson told the newspaper that he came up with the idea after covering the abduction, rape and murder of Sarah Everard in south London.

Cousins, a former Metropolitan Police officer, was sentenced to life in prison last week.

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