Netflix Viral Thanksgiving Mum is turning a tweet into a movie.

Five years after Jamal Hunton won a seat at Wanda Dench’s Thanksgiving dinner thanks to a wrong number, his story is being turned into a Netflix feature film, the streaming giant has announced. Thanksgiving text Will be written by Abdul Williams (The story of the new edition And Bobby Brown’s story), But Variety Note that a cast or director is yet to be announced.

Thanksgiving text The latest example of a movie drawing inspired by viral online content. Perhaps most notably, زولا Turned the viral Twitter thread #TheStory into an amazingly good length movie. From this 2015 article Gizmodo Including many other examples. Bad assA movie based on the viral video “AC Transit Bus Fight”, and the fact that the original Deadpool If the leaked test footage had not gone viral, there would probably never have been a green light.

as usual, Get to know your meme. The final outcome of the Hunton and Dench viral story. But the short version is that in 2016, Jamal Hunton posted screenshots of a series of text messages in which Wanda Dench accidentally invited him to a Thanksgiving dinner, thinking he was his grandson. “Can I still get a plate?” Hunton asked after revealing himself, just for Dench’s answer, “Of course you can. That’s Grandma’s job … feed everyone.”

Hunton and Dench have been friends ever since Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing In the years that followed, Dench now invited Hunton’s girlfriend and family to the festivities. Variety Note that the couple has become a minor celebrity on the Internet, with more than 150,000 followers on Twitter.

Both welcomed the news of Netflix adaptation. “We look forward to sharing our story with the world,” Dench and Hunton said in a joint statement. But do not make. We’re glad to have a true friendship with the wrong text message from God. ”

Disclosure: the edge Is currently developing a series with Netflix.

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