Netflix says that ‘free’ real mobile games are coming to its service

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Netflix says that ‘free’ real mobile games are coming to its service

Angela Lang / CNET

Netflix confirmed on Tuesday that it will expand the original video games, and offer them to customers in its current service at no cost. Initially, the game will reach mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

“We see gaming as another new category for us, like our expansion into real movies, animation and non-script TV,” the company said in its second-quarter earnings report on Tuesday.

Netflix said the games would be added free of charge to paying users. The company did not specify the time, noting that it was in the “early stages”.

Last week, Bloomberg reported that Netflix plans to expand its services to video games within the next year at no extra cost. At the moment, Netflix has confirmed that it has hired Mike Verdo, who previously pressured Oculus, Electronic Arts and Zynga as vice president of sports development, but more on that. Refused to comment.

Stepping into gaming represents a new milestone in the company’s first significant expansion since it began video streaming in 2007 and released its first original program in 2012, bringing Netflix to TV shows and The film’s own business was expanded to become the world’s largest subscription video service. It is not alone in this area. Amazon has invested in Luna, its cloud gaming service, and has its own gaming studio, while Google has invested in its Studio game streaming service.

Netflix recently indicated that it was interested in accelerating its acquisition of the game. The company has previously tampered with sports through its interactive, adventure-style programming, such as the Bender scheme, and through some licensing and business partnerships. But in April, Netflix’s chief operating and product officer hinted that Netflix’s interest in gaming could continue.

At the time, Greg Peters said, “We’re trying to figure out what these different ways are … we can deepen that milestone, and sports are definitely a very interesting part of it.” “There’s no doubt that sports are going to be an important form of entertainment and an important position to deepen the fan experience.”

As Netflix has grown, it has long pointed out that its competition is even greater than that of traditional TV and film companies that head to it. The company has repeatedly called for gaming phenomena such as Fortnite, as well as user-generated video powerhouse YouTube, as it has the toughest competition to collect a wide range of entertainment hours worldwide.

“We think it’s time to learn more about how important our members are to the game,” the company said Tuesday.

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