Nearly half of Americans say inflation has caused them ‘financial distress’ and how the omicron variable could affect mortgage rates

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Nearly half of Americans say inflation has caused them ‘financial distress’.

As Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said it’s time to retire the word “temporary,” a new Gallup poll gives insight into the effects of higher prices. Read more

Debt collectors can direct messages, email and text you about unpaid bills. Here’s what you need to know.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has updated its communications rules for the digital age, but consumer advocates are concerned about privacy issues and fraud. Read more

Mortgage rates are stable – but an omicron variable can change that

Stock market volatility has not affected interest rates so far, but concerns about a new alternative may have an impact in the coming weeks. Read more

‘The proverbial Wild West’: Read this before using ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ this holiday shopping season

“There is definitely a possibility of getting over your head without even realizing it.” Read more

‘A lot of jobs weren’t great in 2019 either’: Job seekers had a huge advantage during the pandemic, says senior Obama economist

Jason Furman, a former chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, said it’s more attractive not to work than to work lately. Read more

Despite low mortgage rates, America’s housing market is keeping many first-time buyers on the sidelines

Affordability constraints in a still-competitive real estate market make it difficult for first-time homebuyers to strike deals. Read more

2021 Jaguar XF is elegant in its own way, and it drives beautifully

The only sedan from Jaguar is an excellent example of its class, it has a suspension system tuned by geniuses, and it never loses its cool at high speeds. Read more

Make your travels easier with these tech tips

The travel industry has gone at full speed in digital adoption since the pandemic. The challenge is figuring out what apps to download and how to use them. Read more

This tax maneuver is one of the main reasons why some real estate investors have made it rich over the years

Tax Savings Section 1031 exchanges, or “similar” exchanges, may be more valuable than ever, but it may be worth acting sooner rather than later. Read more

‘Brazen probably is an understatement’: Georgia inmate scammed millions of dollars out of prison cell, disguising himself as an AbbVie employee

Prosecutors say Damon Young used the banned cellphones to pose as an AbbVie representative to purchase heavy equipment that he would then sell on Craigslist. Read more


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