NBA Youngboy says he’ll marry Doja Cat if he’s single and doesn’t have a family

It’s been a minute since NBA Youngboy was able to talk to his fans outside of his music, but he had a chance Tuesday night. Joining academics and his fans at the Clubhouse, Youngboy discusses everything from his music to his personal life, and even reveals some of the lifestyle changes he’s made.

After being asked about the possibility of cooperation with doja cat In some music, Youngboy said he’d do more than that!

“Boy,” he said, “if I don’t have a family, if I don’t have a girl yet, I will try to marry a Doja Cat.” “But nah, I have my little girl and her mother. I’m not a king like that.”

He added that his attraction to Doja comes from her eclectic personality, saying, “She is unique in her own way.”

Not only did NBA Youngboy reveal he had a little Doja Cat, they confirmed what fans have been trying to find out for a while – the state of his relationship. The innanet movie was about the prospect of Youngboy settling down with Jazlyn Mychelle, the mother of YB’s youngest child.

Apart from his personal life, NBA Youngboy has also discussed his feelings about running for A Grammy along with the likes of Kanye West, Lil Baby and Doja Cat.

“I don’t think I’ll win, maybe they’ll give it to Doja Cat or The Weeknd,” he said. “I don’t need them to decide whether I’m going to win or lose, but I think my grandmother would love that.”

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