Navig has now created and supplied custom PCs

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Navig has now created and supplied custom PCs


Navigator has just entered the world of Blood to Order PC, and is one of the most powerful options already available. For قیمت 99 plus parts, Neveg will assemble and deliver a computer using the components of your choice. You can choose from a complete selection of parts on the Navig website, or skip the design process and order a pre-configured layout.

The PC Assembly Service, called ENIAC, is at the top of Navig’s recently launched Custom PC Builder Tool, which helps you sync and configure PCs from Navig’s catalog. does. For those who want a professionally assembled PC, Navig’s new Blood to Order service is a treat.

Although Neog is not the first company to offer PC assembly, its website has more features to choose from than any competitor. Newg says it can ship accumulated PCs faster than other companies, which take “weeks” to complete customs orders – the ENIAC FAQ says its custom-made PCs C7 should arrive in 10 business days.

The Navig ENIAC program is in beta, and while the Custom PC Builder tool currently offers the ENIAC assembly as an add-on, it may not be available to all users. Interestingly, PCs already deposited with Navig are eligible for the company’s 30-day return policy.

Source: NewKig via Gecky Gadgets

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