NASA astronauts enjoy Thanksgiving Holiday at 17,500 mph

As Americans around the world celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday, there are four citizens who enjoy the day in a slightly different way than everyone else. Because they are in space.

Living and working on the International Space Station (ISS) means that NASA astronauts Mark Wendy, Kayla Baron, Raja Chari, and Thomas Marshburn are spending their holidays in microgravity conditions, eating rehydrated food from containers. And 17,500 are drinking recycled water orbiting the earth. Miles per hour

NASA on Thursday posted a video (below) of four American astronauts expressing their views on what Thanksgiving means to them, and how they are spending their days on a rotating outpost. ۔

Baron said they would all enjoy a “terrible” meal with French astronauts Matthias Maurer and Russian astronauts Anton Shkaplerov and Pyotr Dubrov.

“Fortunately, we don’t spend much time cooking in space because most of it just warms up again,” Baron said.

Items on the astronauts’ menu include “roasted turkey”, which Chari insisted would be “tasty when we add a little water.”

# Happy Thanksgiving! Five Exp 66 astronauts talk about vacationing in space and the food they will share at the station.

– International Space Station (pSpace_Station) November 25, 2021

NASA also posted a video looking at the history of Thanksgiving in space. This shows that the first of the Earth Thanksgiving was able to enjoy a spectacular view of Earth during a special day on Skylab 3 in 1973 with NASA astronauts Gerald Carr, William Pogg and Edward Gibson.

The next space-based Thanksgiving took place in 1985 on the space shuttle Atlantis. Since then, with the construction of the ISS at the turn of the century, a holiday has been celebrated in space every year since 2000.

And if you’re wondering when Thanksgiving takes place on the space station, the answer is: the satellite uses Universal Time Clock (UTC), which is equivalent to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) in London, time. To put it bluntly, Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing. Wednesday, November 24 (or midnight UTC / GMT) at 4 pm PT (or midnight UTC / GMT), which will end 24 hours later when most Americans are back on the terrace on the couch with their stomachs full of food. Will be falling

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