NASA astronaut reveals medical problem that postpones ISS spacewalk

NASA astronaut Mark Wande checks the space suit on August 17. On August 24, his scheduled space walk was postponed due to a minor medical problem.


NASA astronauts Mark Wandehi and Akihiko Hoshide of Japan’s JAXA space agency were ready for a spacewalk outside the International Space Station on Tuesday. This is not due to a minor medical problem that involves Vande. NASA said it was not an emergency.

NASA announced the postponement on Monday but did not disclose the details of the medical issue. On Tuesday, Vindhya took to Twitter to thank everyone for their concern. “I have a nerve in my neck that caused us to reschedule today’s spacewalk,” he wrote. “Today was not the right day.”

Vandehi and Hoshide were preparing for a seven-hour spacewalk to prepare for the station. New rollout solar array.

“Spacewalk is not time-sensitive and crew members are moving on with other station work and activities,” NASA said. The agency is considering rescheduling work following the August 28 launch of the SpaceX cargo spacecraft and some planned Russian spacewalks.

Vinay is an ISS and spacewalk veteran who previously spent time at the station in 2017 and 2018. In april For a six-month mission

The ISS has recently seen the excitement of receiving a new Russian laboratory module, which is temporary. Pushed the station out of recognition.. It also had to host a Boeing Starliner test flight, but it didn’t. The launch was delayed due to technical issues.. NASA and ISS personnel and ground teams have had to adapt to unforeseen circumstances, so space walk delays are a minor issue.

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