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Napleton CEO accused of sexual assault is under surveillance

A Napleton Automotive Group executive, accused of sexual assault by a co-worker in 2018, was sentenced Wednesday in Florida to five years probation for a third-degree felony charge.

Edward Napleton Jr., chief operating officer of the Napleton Automobile Group and son of company president Ed Napleton, will not face prison and will not be required to register as a sex offender in Florida under the type of guilty plea defined in court documents as a “best interest” plea. Under a best interest affidavit, the defendant does not plead guilty but acknowledge that the admission of guilt is in his or her best interests.

Napleton Jr. required one number of sexual penetration, according to his Advocacy Journal. Palm Beach County District Court Judge Scott Suskauer declined to rule on the case, which means Napleton Jr. is not formally convicted of the charge.

Florida Law Judges are given special power Sometimes the judgment is “withheld” in trial sentences, which means that the court will not impose on the defendant a conviction and the “collateral consequences” accompanying the conviction. A spokesperson for the Florida State Attorney’s Office confirmed Car News that, in Florida, “abstention from sentencing means that the defendant is not a convicted felon.”

A court spokeswoman said Napleton’s sentence includes 200 hours of community service and one day in prison, which he has already served.

Napleton Jr’s probation could be ended after two years if he abides by court rules, according to the pleading newspaper. As long as he gives advance notice, he also has court permission to travel out of state for business purposes related to his employment with the Napleton Automobile Group.

According to the case note submitted to Car News By the Florida State Attorney’s Office, the woman who charged Napleton and her legal counsel were consulted about the plea deal and “expressed their full agreement with this decision.”

The memo said: “On October 13, 2021, the Office of the Prosecutor received written confirmation from the victim, who wrote in part, ‘I agree and agree to the terms of the petition’s offer’.

According to the memo, the woman agreed to the negotiated petition because going to court would be aggressive and potentially re-shock and because the details of the incident could be difficult to prove at trial.

An attorney representing Napleton Jr. did not respond to multiple requests for comment. A lawyer for the Napleston Automotive Group also did not immediately respond to a request for comment.