Nanolife Lines are color-changing, modular LED smart lighting panels.

Previously, there were triangles; Then there were the squares. The next hexagon came, and now, say hello to the lines. No, this is not your sixth grade geometry homework. This is the latest addition to Nanolev’s growing catalog of modular LED light panels. The new Nanolife Lines are extremely light, color-changing lights in the form of bars. Backlit, they are attached at 60 degree angles to create the geometric design of your choice, and with dual color zones, lines ($ 199.99) can add a visual treat to any wall or ceiling.

Lines can be installed using pre-affixed, double-sided tape, such as nanoleaf shapes, canvas, and wall panels of elements, which makes it easy to setup – even before you commit to your design. Would like to plan Reinforced by a large plug with a 14.7-foot cable, each line emits 20 lumens, has a color temperature of 1200K to 6500K, and can show over 16 million colors. You can connect up to 18 lines per power supply, and control them via the Nanolife app, on-device remote, or voice control synchronized voice assistant. Lines only work with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks.

Nanolife Lines are modular light panels that can be mounted on a wall or ceiling.
Photo: Nanolef.

The NanoLife app provides 19 preset dynamic RGBW lighting scenes (meaning they change colors), or you can customize your home theater to add to the atmosphere or enhance your favorite cool space. ۔ Lines also works with NanoLife’s music visualization technology to synchronize with songs in real time.

Unlike the recent elemental panels, which are suitable for more traditional home decor, the lines have a very futuristic atmosphere, and seem to be honestly designed for the YouTube background. The backlit look is also a departure from other forms, which project the light outwards, not back to the wall. This product line is also designed with the gamer in mind. Especially when the lines are integrated with Nanolife’s screen mirror feature to sync your lights with on-screen colors and animations. It requires the Nanoleaf desktop app, but can also work with TVs using an HDMI connection.

Nanolife’s entire Smart Lighting line is compatible with Apple Home Kit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Samsung Smart Things, and IFTT, allowing you to control the design via voice commands or through a smart home routine. , Dim and can change. In addition, like its existing lighting panels, Nanolife’s lines can act as a thread border router to connect the necessary line of its bulbs and light strips to your network without a third-party hub.

The screen mirror feature can synchronize colors in nanoleaf lines on your computer screen.
Photo: Nanolef.

Finally, Nanolife says that any device running on threads will be connected to the thread network using the Nanolife border router. Thread is a key technology in the Smart Home Standard, aimed at uniting smart home devices and platforms and allowing for greater collaboration. Nanolife says the lines have been designed with “talk in mind” and will work to new standards with a software update next year.

Nanolife Lines is available for pre-order on October 14 from Nanolife’s website and Best Buy. The smart kits (9 lines) are $ 199.99, and the extension packs (3 lines) are $ 79.99. Black and pink skins to customize the shape of the front of the lines, and flex connectors around the corners are coming later this year.

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