Nancy Pelosi’s office calls Donald Trump a ‘twice impeached Florida retiree’

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Nancy Pelosi’s office calls Donald Trump a ‘twice impeached Florida retiree’

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy PelosiHis office gave a scathing public assessment of the former president Donald Trump In an official statement after expressing his sympathy with the capitol rioters.

in the current situation Attributed to democratic At the spokesperson’s press office on Thursday, Pelosi criticized Trump, calling him “twice impeached.” Florida retired” in her official capacity as a spokesperson.

“Twice impeached Florida retiree – and de facto leader of the Republican Party – Donald Trump has joined Republicans in the House of Representatives today in disrespecting the Capitol Police and other law enforcement officers,” Pelosi’s office said in the statement.

The statement noted that these officers “valiantly defended the US Capitol on January 6” and condemned Mr. Trump for appearing to defend the suspected rioters “now that they faced legal consequences for their actions.”

Mr. Trump on Wednesday He said he believes many of those facing charges of their alleged involvement in the January 6 rebellion are being “treated incredibly unfairly.”

“When you look at people in prison and nothing happens to Antifa and they have burned cities and killed people,” the former president said.

Mr Trump became the first president to be impeached twice during his time in office, with a second trial alleging he incited his supporters to march to the US Capitol on January 6.

Since Mr. Trump left office, he has been staying most of the time at his Mar-A-Lago club in Florida Reports claim He and his wife led “old club life” in the months that followed.

Trump this week sparked controversy again on Capitol Hill after announcing that he would be Sue three of the largest technology companies in the country.

The former president’s retaliation against Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube comes after they banned him for “inciting violence” in the wake of the riots. Trump remained banned from the platforms.

The former president also referred to the shooting of hooligan and U.S. Air Force veteran Ashley Babbitt, whom some conservatives have come to paint as a patriotic martyr.

“But the person who shot Ashley Babbitt, Boom, through the head, was just shocked, there was no reason for that,” Trump said.

He added: “And why is this person not being opened, and why is this not being studied? They have already crossed out. They said this case is closed.”

The former president’s reference to Babbitt being shot “straight in the head” is inaccurate. The Department of Justice (DOJ) found that Babbitt was shot in the left shoulder.

Ms Babbitt was part of the crowd of pro-Trump rioters who stormed the US Capitol in an attempt to overturn the 2020 election result after a Save America rally hosted by Trump.

Ministry of Justice Rule Babbitt entered the Capitol with the rioters and was making her way through a broken glass door near the speaker’s lobby, prompting an officer to fire a single shot.

The US Attorney’s Office and the Department of Justice closed their investigation into the matter in April, deciding not to bring criminal charges against the US Capitol police officer who shot her.

The FBI has arrested 500 people in connection with the riots, with attendees charged with a variety of charges including sabotage, obstruction of proceedings and assault on police officers.

Footage released by the FBI showed the scale of violent attacks on officers by some Trump supporters. Five people died as a result of the Capitol violence, including a Capitol police officer and Mrs. Babbitt.

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