‘Nailed it’: Jimmy Anderson hails England’s dominance for first day | England vs India 2021

Jimmy Anderson could rarely contain his happiness after giving the dreamy first day of the third Test against India England take a fist like a vice in the proceedings.

And Anderson’s new ball exploding with three wickets helped flip the Tourists for just 78 – their ninth lowest total in their history – half a century ago unbeaten by Hasib Hamid and Rory Burns guiding Go Root to 120 unbeaten in the final.

“Things haven’t gotten much better,” Anderson said. “You lose the toss, and you are asked to run and then put in a performance like that. The way the two guys played at the end of the day with the bat was great and that’s exactly what we were asking for. With both ball and bat we showed exactly what we wanted to do. These days don’t come around very often, so you have to. Just being happy when that happens.”

After suffering and indiscipline on the final day of Lords which left England trailing 1-0 in the series, Anderson was thrilled with the control shown by Headlingley’s bowling unit and the results of the word-breaking decision.

“The way all the bowlers adapted the wicket to the lengths we threw, the lines we threw, was fantastic,” he said. “We talked about the coup attempt as a unit, as a group, and we totally succeeded that day.

“There was a little chatting about [verbals]. We were focused on focusing on who we are and what we do well. We made a conscious effort to try to focus on us, what we’re doing well and ignore everything else – outside noises or whatever else might be going on.”

The fortunes of the two sides were underlined by two stats: it was India’s third lowest aggregate after winning the toss and batting first, while England represented the highest opening podium since Hamid’s test debut during the second rounds of their first Test against India in 2016.

Anderson had paid homage to Hamid, who will resume Thursday morning at 60, after watching the opener emerge as a teenage sensation in Lancashire before the slump swung and a move to Nottinghamshire in late 2019.

“I’m so happy, I couldn’t be happier for him,” Anderson said.

“Since he’s been back in test prep you can see how much he has worked in his game, how he has become a better player. One thing he has always had is the right mood for international cricket and we saw that today in the bulldozers.

“He was calm, he was palpable and he had a game plan that he executed brilliantly. Seeing him play like this is not something we are surprised at. Everyone is very happy for him.

“Method [Burns and Hameed] They went about their business only feeling very calm. The way they measured up, they were strong in defence, left well and put the bad ball away when they got one. I thought it was a great batting match.”

Ahead of his elimination of Virat Kohli for the seventh time in 23 Tests, which he celebrated with a hoarse voice, Anderson added: “We’ve had some great fights over the years, he’s a great player and someone you want to keep quiet.”

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