My partner has a secret “Get Out” box. What do I do?

But I found out last week that she has a separate savings account that she never mentioned. A secret bank account, with a nice pillow of money. I’m stunned, but it’s hard to express how I feel for her. It felt like we were on a journey together, as guys in our twenties, not making a lot of money but moving and hopefully going uphill. Now, though, I feel like we Not In this together – we happen to be going the same way. She tried to make it clear that she wasn’t hiding it, that this money was irrelevant to our lives and money because it was the last resort of an “exit” fund – something you only use if a serious relationship becomes toxic and needs an escape plan. But that only made me feel bad, as if she had always walked out the door. I don’t know how to regulate my feelings about this or how to talk to her more.

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