My new favorite Twitter account only publishes classic clips of SNL hosts introducing the music guest.

The highlight of my Friday is the discovery so far. nsnlhostsintro Twitter account., Which publishes old clips of Saturn Night Live hosts introducing the guest of music. Although this account is not new to everyone – it was created in September and already has over 37,000 followers – I felt it was my duty to write about it as it was something absolutely a magic time capsule. Posts.

Here’s how to put one together for use with former US Vice President Al Gore. Introduction to fish.

But about Sean Pane, with an accidentally yet confidently revoked command, Introduction to LL Cole J.?

This is Bernadette Peters. Introduction to GoGo:

And Kristin Barnesky. Introduced with enthusiasm The infamous Beat Band The Cure:

I also like to do Nathan Lane. Most Metal SNL Musical Guest Introduction.:

Part of the magic of the account is that no context has been posted with any of the tweets. Whenever I click on a new video. Can’t wait See who the host is going to introduce and how they are going to introduce them. The intellectual contradiction between the host and the band can be delicious – I can’t imagine. John McCain and The White Strips. They all had complex backgrounds.

The account is almost certainly affected by its widespread popularity. ra Craig Weekend., Who posts the same video of Daniel Craig introducing the weekend. Every friday. Although this account has approximately 500,000 followers and my timeline seems to be recruiting weekly, Craig learned about the existence of meme during a recent interview. New York Times:

As we speak, it’s Friday afternoon, and I’m watching my social media feeds pop up. A video of you called the weekend.. Has its popularity somehow got you back?

No, what is that?

There’s a clip of this “Saturday Night Live” that you hosted, introducing the weekend with almost a sense of relief. People just like to post this clip as a way to get started over the weekend.

Do they It is amazing. I don’t know what it is, but thank you. it’s beautiful. I think I have to have social media to know what it was all about.

We’re still waiting for this week’s Craig Weekend Post, so it doesn’t feel like a weekend yet. But if you want to get excited for the weekend, this is last week’s.

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