My long list of resources for teaching and learning about American Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing. Throughout the month I have been sharing resources and ideas based on Thanksgiving. This post brings them all together in one place. If you have school this week and are looking for last minute Thanksgiving resources, take a look at this list.

Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing

The Reactions YouTube channel, produced by the American Chemical Society, has some great video tutorials addressing the science of traditional American Thanksgiving food.

Thanks to Chemistry Improved Thanksgiving Potatoes Explain the chemical properties of raw potatoes and what to choose for roasting based on their chemistry. The video then explains the science of roasting potatoes and finally explains the best science based method for roasting potatoes.
The truth about tryptophan is that it’s not just Turkey that is making you sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner.

Where does Thanksgiving food come from?

Where does your Thanksgiving dinner come from? There is an interactive story map that I have shared in the past and still seems to be a clear resource. The map shows where eight famous Thanksgiving foods are grown and harvested in the United States. The story map includes a map for each component. Each map shows the locations of commercial producers. The story map also includes interesting facts. For example, did you know that Illinois has at least twice as many acres of pumpkins as any other state?
Through It’s okay to be smart. Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing. This tutorial includes an explanation of how archaeologists and scientists determined that the turkey was one of the first animals to be bred in North America. We also learn why the turkeys we find in grocery stores today are so much bigger than the turkeys of a few generations ago.
Corn is often seen as a symbol of Thanksgiving. Today, corn and its many products are an important part of the diet of many of us. How did corn become an important part of our diet? What has made it one of the most widely grown crops in the world? And what are the consequences of growing so much corn? Those questions and many more are explained in the TED-Ed tutorial entitled How Corn Conquered the World.

Make Digital Thanksgiving Turkey

Last fall I received a few emails from readers looking for some ideas on how to implement the digital version of the classic Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Flint Turkey project in which students add wings to a Turkish drawing. And there is something in every wing that they are grateful for writing. . Thanks. My suggestion to create a digital version of Turkey was to use a combination of Pixabay and Google Drawings. I made this short video to show you how this process works.

Macy’s Parade 101

Parade 101 features four video demonstrations of hands-on activities that students can do at home with their parents or in your classroom. The four activities include inflating balloons using baking soda and vinegar, designing balloons for the parade, making and using scalping dough, and making model floats. All videos contain lists of essentials.

I like all four activities. If I were to recommend someone for Thanksgiving Day, this model would have to make or design floats because they can be made with cardboard, paper, glue, markers and other common household items that do not mess up and Required. Done in a kitchen. “I think the funniest thing is to inflate the balloon,” he said.

In addition to videos and STEAM projects, Parade 101 offers some printable coloring sheets and puzzles. An interactive timeline of parade history is still available to view.

American vs. Canadian Thanksgiving

My Canadian friends celebrated Thanksgiving last month. Aside from the holiday season, there are other differences between American Thanksgiving and Canadian Thanksgiving. There are also some commonalities between the two holidays. The following videos offer a humorous look at the similarities and differences between American Thanksgiving and Canadian Thanksgiving.

Reminder! You should always review videos before showing them in your classroom. I know a lot of high school teachers who would have no problem sharing them, but younger students’ teachers would like to proceed with caution.

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