My friend let this man disrespect me

Dear Harriet: I got into a verbal argument with a guy in a bar, and my boyfriend didn’t step in to defend me.

Harriet Cole

I feel that his job as my friend is to defend my honor at all times.

The guy wasn’t physically dealing with me or threatening me in any way, but the mere fact that he was raising his voice at me should have provoked my boyfriend. I felt like an idiot for being with him while he was just standing there and watching me feel disrespected.

Is this a reason to break up?

Battle bar

Dear Bar Fight: Did you talk to your friend about the accident? What did he say that the reason for his silence? I wonder if he thought that by jumping in, he would spark an already dangerous situation.

This does not mean that he should have let this argument continue without your support. It is a possible reason for his decision to step down.


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