MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow reveals she had surgery to remove skin cancer: ‘I’ll be totally fine’

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow She started her show on Wednesday by revealing that she underwent surgery to remove it skin cancer.

Madhu began to address the “personal issue” by recalling how she went to a minor league baseball game “two months ago” and how her partner Susan “punched me in the neck” and noticing how “changed” her immortalization had been.

Quickly dismissing Susan’s concerns, Susan told Maddow, “No, this mole has changed. We’ve been together for 22 years, this mole has changed. I know it” and challenged her to ask her hairdresser to see if she would notice the change, which she did .

Health officials warn of melanoma: How to prevent deadly skin cancer

“Long story short: Susan was right, Diane was right. I went to the dermatologist…I did a biopsy, and it turned out to be melanoma,” Madhu said. “Skin cancer accounts for the vast majority of cancers diagnosed in the United States, and the vast majority of skin cancers can be removed and treated. But that’s the thing I’m going to tell you. Even the deadliest of all skin cancers now, the ones that are — you know, like spread to Other parts of your body, the ones that are really trying to kill you, even the skin cancers which are the deadliest skin cancer in the country, these two are treatable way more than they used to be on one condition – to catch it early on even the most worrisome form of skin cancer. If you catch it early enough, it’s now completely treatable. Progress in the past few years has been huge leaps. Skin cancer, like me said, there are a lot of different types of skin cancer. Even the worst of them are significantly more treatable than they used to be. And if you get it early, almost all of them are completely treatable.”

Madhu “introduced” viewers to her medical assistance after the surgery she said she had on Friday, explaining that it has led to her absence since then.

“I’ll be totally fine,” Madhu said. “I’ll be totally fine, but that’s why I have a bandage.”

The MSNBC presenter said she “felt fine” after the surgery but did not appear on air later that evening so far “weird” viewers by the visual of her bandage but said she had “requested” to return to her show on Wednesday.

Madhu pleaded with her viewers, “I want to take this moment to tell you something, which is that you should check.” “If you have moles like me, make a schedule with your doctor. Make an appointment for a check up now with your doctor, and then when your doctor tells you you’re fine but you should do it every year, put it on the calendar in your phone for a year from now and then actually come back and mark This follow-up appointment. You know what I’m talking about, right? You know there’s all this stuff that you have to check regularly, and you do it once and I won’t do it again because they told you you’re fine, that’s this guy here. Just thanks Susan I found myself in enough time that it was completely treatable. Because I was canceling my appointments forever to get things checked because I assumed it would always be fine. Well, in this case, it was Susan who checked it on me. Thank God Not everyone has Susan, I realize.”


And you need to get these things checked out by a doctor. Don’t blow it up. Honestly, it’s the easiest doctor appointment in the world of all the things to go to the doctor for…Again, a lot of Americans get skin cancer. Skin killer is trying to kill you if you don’t catch it and quickly run away. But if you catch even these kinds of skin cancer early on, it’s the easiest thing in the world by far. With doctor visits going, if you get it early, you can kill it instead of killing you” Madhu added.

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