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Motor Bella can help define the future of the Detroit Auto Show

DETROIT – The 87-acre M1 Concours, built on the site of General Motors’ former Pontiac West plant, may be the perfect place to tinker with the future of the Detroit Auto Show.

Next week, about 15 miles north of the Detroit city limits, Motor Bella will be the region’s first major auto show since 2019. It will replace this year’s North American International Auto Show and be produced by the Detroit Automobile Dealers Union.

The world, of course, has changed dramatically since the curtain closed at the last Detroit winter show. But even before the pandemic, organizers were moving away from traditional fixed shows and moving toward a more hands-on and experimental event. Driving experiences were available in the basement of the former Kobo Center; on Belle Island, an island park east of downtown Detroit; And other places near the fair. But these were often slow-moving and did not allow participants to feel comfortable with the vehicles.

The M1, which is built around a 1.5-mile winding racetrack, adds a new twist to the motor show experience. “People can engage all of their senses in the product,” says Rod Alberts, executive director of the Detroit Automobile Dealers Association. Professional drivers present around the track will take to the road at breakneck speeds to show off the massive torque of electric vehicles or the thundering power of HEMI-powered Dodge Challengers. Attendees can ride in exotic cars from Lamborghini and other high-end brands. Jeep officials built an off-road course designed to demonstrate the brand’s capability.

Suppliers will also be part of Motor Bella. With the transition to electric and self-driving cars moving at lightning speed, the presence of suppliers will be integral to demonstrating the rapid changes to cars.

Motor Bella was designed as a kind of Disney themed car themed amusement park. The organizers of the Detroit Auto Show will give a look at whether the most interactive warm-weather show has the right ingredients to bring a Detroit show to life.

“It’s a very flexible look at the future of what can be done,” Alberts told me. “After we see Motor Bella and the way it operates, we can put together a game plan for 2022 and beyond.”

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